Kindness … I Dare Ya

Kindness.  That’s a topic I could write a whole book about.  Hmm, maybe I will one day.  Good thinking Marianne.

Anyway, back to writing this post …I read some of the responses for today’s Daily Prompt and got that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Cool.  Thanks to those who posted.  Your willingness to do so was an act of kindness to a stranger.  It made me smile.

Oddly tcoal-bucket-246106_1280hough, reading them didn’t help me come up with a response to write on how a stranger has extended kindness my way.  It actually made me ask myself:  “how can I be MORE kind?”.  And I answered myself with this:  “make a bucket list”.  And decorate it, fill it, and share it with kindness.  Call it a Kindness Bucket List.  So obvious.  And create a new blog category in that name to keep you focused on it.  So simple.

I already try to do some of the “usual” acts of kindness on a regular basis.  Once a week, I buy the order behind me at a Tim’s drive-thru.  I give money to charity.  I try to be helpful to those in need.  But people can get in a rut doing routine things so I want to stretch myself.  It’s the overachiever in me.  So here are some things I’m going to put on my Kindness Bucket List that will extend my creativity, my effort, and hopefully the amount of kindness shared.

  • I will go to the emergency room at my local hospital and count the number of chairs in the waiting room.  Then I will gather up enough books to take back there and place one on each seat.  Mostly kids stories to help keep them distracted while waiting, and some uplifting books for the adults who may be facing a difficult crisis.
  • I will leave a grocery store gift certificate in the food aisle of a dollar store, where many lower income folks have to shop for basic things.  It will have a note saying:  “If you need this, take it.  If you don’t, please leave it for a person in need to find it.  Thank you.  Have a happy day.”
  • Funny thing about me.  For some weird reason, I have always wanted to be a part of a flash mob of sorts. Maybe it’s because watching them always makes me smile.  So I’m going to try to make others smile too.  On a subway in Toronto, with some great dance music, and a few friends.  I’m smiling just imagining it.

I think anyone reading this post will agree, regardless of their religion, faith, or absence of either, that kindness is a good thing.  I’ll add ‘Opinion’ to my tags on the post to welcome any thoughts from people who may disagree though.  And I’m pretty sure most of the people who read this post are other WordPress bloggers.  So chances are, you have a passion for your muse whatever it may be, you want more out of your life, and you want to share something, anything with the world.  Sound like you?  Yeah, thought so.

So I’d like to challenge you:  create your own Kindness Bucket List.  And blog about it.

Think you don’t have the creativity to?  Google the word kindness and you will find about 74 million results.  There’s no excuse for not finding something kind to do.

Think you don’t have the time to?  That Google search only took 0.58 seconds, at least on my bandwidth.  If Google can find kindness in less than a second, surely you have a few seconds to be kind.

Think you don’t have the money or other resources to?  Check out one of my favourite websites where you can search kindness ideas filtered by cost and time investment.

Do you have an idea to share for a Kindness Bucket List?  Don’t be selfish and just use it yourself.  Share it with the world by posting a comment below.  That’s kindness too you know.  And it just might change someone’s life.

C’mon, I dare ya.

“Ask yourself:   Have you been kind today?

Make kindness your modus operandi and change your world.”

Annie Lennox

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