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So this is where I’m supposed to give you a brilliantly written synopsis of the book right?  I thought that is what editors help you write and I don’t have one. Yet.

The idea for the book started over a decade ago and at the time, I described it as a ‘fictional anti-futuristic autobiography’.  In other words, it is about the kind of woman I hope to not become.  That statement does remain true – in part.  The older of the two main characters is just that to me, at least early in the story.  But her character evolves and through her relationship with the other main character, she transforms and gains some of the attributes I do wish to exhibit now and in my later years.  As for the younger main character, yeah there’s definitely a little bit of me in her.  Including some of my not all that admirable traits I’ll admit.  The two main characters develop a friendship of unexpected depth and substance, raising them both up to more than they ever could have aspired to be.

A young woman’s life is in ruins and heading down all the wrong paths.  Until she sees something laying along the side of the road that changes the course of her life.  Once she gets herself back on track, see meets an old woman whose life, although somewhat privileged, has been tarnished by how she has treated the ones she has loved.  She finds herself alone but remains unwilling to admit she is lonely.  Until the young woman enters her life, much to the old woman’s initial dismay.  The two women find themselves on a journey together of healing from brokenness.  The life experiences of the young woman become the gold gold that make the old woman’s experiences in her last years golden.

Along The Side Of The Road
A Story of Golden Joinery


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