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Well written words of wisdom. – Mandy Re: Nope, Not Going There With You

I really do enjoy reading your stuff … I LOL and come away with a bit better understanding of this confusing world. Thanks!! – Embeecee Re: I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part II

Wow!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful, eclectic, stolen words of wisdom, Marianne.  Every time I visit your blog, I feel blessed! – Carolyn Re: Stolen Words: It Takes A Village To Keep A Commons

Marianne, you struck gold here with your wonderful piece.  And very cathartic. – Herb Re: Stolen Words: Annie’s Song

This is supercool awesome at the highest point EVER. – Phoenix Re: Stolen Words: It Takes A Village To Keep A Commons

You bring me joy and I don’t know how or even why.  Maybe because you write as it is – straight from the gut, without any self consciousness. –  Neelwritesblog Re: What’s On Your Shelves?

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