I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part III

Didn’t intend for this to be a trilogy of posts but have some more thoughts to share on it so here goes.  If you haven’t read my Part I and Part II posts on this theme, might want to check those out first to perhaps be able to follow my train of thought.  Or, don’t and give ‘er a go anyway.  I wish you luck.  I can barely stay on the traintracks when I read my own stuff.

I read a book about a month ago that I was so engaged by, I read it in 2 days.  That’s fast for me.  I usually like to read slowly, absorbing each portion of a read bit by bit, contemplating what the words on the pages I just read mean to me.  Often, I’ll have a notebook nearby or my word processor ready to save all of the wisdom.  But this book, I couldn’t put down.

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I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part II

In follow-up to my post from yesterday, I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part I, here is the core of the post I had started last summer and let sit in my Drafts folder for a long time.  Revisited it the other night and got more out of it now than I had even tried to express last year.  Guess the timing for it was just right.

Last summer I took the WP Blogging 101 course.  One of the other participants, Romica, had a blog post called “What Is Deep About Everybody Poops“.  Interesting title right?  Yeah, I thought so too.  Around the same time, I also read the article “Roundtable: The Scariest Post I Ever Published“, put out by our very own WordPress Daily Post, which I am an avid follower of. Continue reading

I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part I

Yesterday, I published my first post in almost 6 months.  Yay me.  Insert applause by way of commenting below if you want to clap along with me.

My hiatus from blogging started out quite naturally I guess.  I just didn’t ‘feel’ like writing.  No biggie.  Happens to a lot of us I’m sure.  This too shall pass, I told myself.  Let it be what it was for a bit, then tried to stir up the pot of creativity by trying to get myself lost in my Reader, checking out the Daily Post’s Ebook:  365 Writing Prompts, and just reading random stuff wherever I could find it.  All great reads to be sure but nothing that set off the spark again. Continue reading

$29 IKEA Desk + Funeral = ?

The desire to start writing again.  Finally.

My last post was in September.  Going on 6 months now.  Where have I been?  Mostly here in Guelph, Ontario.  Where have I not been?  In any mood whatsoever to write.  Not on this blog or on my book or on anything for that matter other than trivial emails, text messages, and notes to my kids on our family’s communication central (read: a dry-erase white board in the kitchen).  It’s been so long I can barely find my way around WordPress anymore haha.  Maybe I should sign up for another go at Blogging 101.  Note to file.

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Go Home Already Why Don’t You?

When I was in grade 8, I played Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs in our school play.  I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself “yeah, so what? tell me something interesting”.  Well, I’m female so I think playing a role usually, including originally in 1939, performed by a male is interesting.  Granted, it wasn’t a groundbreaking thing but it’s still kinda cool.  To me at least.  Especially since initially I was denied the opportunity to even try out for it.  Little did my principal know who he was dealing with.  Me.

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