How Breaking Bad Breaks My Bad

Let’s start off with a little mad science why don’t we …


I will not be held responsible for damages to self, relationships, or property due to not following the directions.


Step 1:  Go find yourself a COLD beverage and a straw, a water bottle with a sippy kinda lid on it, or something that you can take liquid into your mouth with.  I highly recommend using water.  Now go position yourself over a sink or head outside where the only thing in front of you is the ground.

Step 2:  Take a sip of your COLD beverage and swallow.  Easy right?

Step 3:  Take the deepest breath you can and blow out with an open and pursed mouth, as if you were trying to blow up a balloon.  Also simple yes? Continue reading

Life Is A Balance Sheet. Which Side Are You Looking At?


I’m a numbers gal.  Math was my favourite subject all through school.  I have a honours Business degree and a good chunk of the courses for that degree were in accounting.  I have been a treasurer for non-profit organizations.  I have done bookkeeping here and there and I, get this, LOVE to do my taxes.  I have taught many people how to start and grow a business and have managed restaurants.   And I am passionate about spreadsheets, can build one for anything.

So you would think I know a thing or two about basic accounting stuff right?  Yeah, I do.  When it comes to financial matters.  But not so much when it comes to life.  Not so much when it comes to me.  Not so much when it comes to the net worth I assign to myself and my life. Continue reading

Shhh. There’s A Homeless Man.


I love the city I live in – Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  I especially love our downtown.  2 hours free parking in the core.  Lots of independently owned shops and service businesses.  One of my favourite bookstores ever, The Bookshelf along with its own ebar and cinema in it.  A stunning church where you can find grace both in its pews and just by simply looking at it.  And kind people.  Very kind people.  People who are kind even when they don’t have to be. Continue reading

Go Home Already Why Don’t You?

When I was in grade 8, I played Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs in our school play.  I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself “yeah, so what? tell me something interesting”.  Well, I’m female so I think playing a role usually, including originally in 1939, performed by a male is interesting.  Granted, it wasn’t a groundbreaking thing but it’s still kinda cool.  To me at least.  Especially since initially I was denied the opportunity to even try out for it.  Little did my principal know who he was dealing with.  Me.

Continue reading