I’m Knick Knackered Out


I’ve been doing a lot lately to reduce stress in my life.  From working on my goals for this year, to spending more time with loved ones, and reading lots recently about minimalism, simplifying my life, organization, etc.  Three of my favourite reads of late have been The More Of Less by Joshua Becker (great newsletter too), The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, and a couple of the books by the now very much talked about Marie Kondo.  Next on my to read list is Getting Things Done by David Allen.  But I haven’t gotten that done yet.

I don’t know about you, but for me, physical clutter creates mental clutter.  And mental clutter gives me mental stress.  And mental stress leads to physical stress.  And then I yell at my kids.  Well, not very often, but I craft in my head what I would like to yell at them.  And then I drink more coffee and play solitaire instead.  Most of the time.  (Hey, I’m just being honest with you okay?) Continue reading

Honk If You Like Bald Women!

… or if you like to watch John Cleese dancing in the street for no apparent reason.


I am a reformed mohawk fashionista.  I have also recovered from my teen ails of putting hydrogen peroxide in my hair.  And I haven’t permed my hair since my early 20’s.  But of all the hairstyles I’ve had over the years, the one I loved the most was being bald.

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One Is Too Many, A Thousand Is Never Enough

The title of this post is something I hear on occasion around the church basements & meeting rooms I frequent on a regular basis to keep a really, really, REALLY bad habit from rearing its ugly face in my life again.  I broke that particular habit 16 years ago and God willing, I hope it stays broken for the rest of my life … one day at a time.

Now on to the other liquid substance I am fond of consuming … coffee.  And fond of collecting quotes about too.

Let me use my ever so refined self-justification skills to tell you why drinking an absurd amount of coffee is a positive habit.  Despite the fact my doctor, friends, and family all agree I drink way too much of the stuff.

1.  Scientific research shows there are plenty of health benefits to drinking coffee.  Won’t bore you with all of those fascinating facts, just Google it and you can find out for yourself what they are.  I hear these kinds of facts and figures often on the John Tesh Radio show I like to listen to so if John says it, I believe it.

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Kindness … I Dare Ya

Kindness.  That’s a topic I could write a whole book about.  Hmm, maybe I will one day.  Good thinking Marianne.

Anyway, back to writing this post …I read some of the responses for today’s Daily Prompt and got that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Cool.  Thanks to those who posted.  Your willingness to do so was an act of kindness to a stranger.  It made me smile.

Oddly tcoal-bucket-246106_1280hough, reading them didn’t help me come up with a response to write on how a stranger has extended kindness my way.  It actually made me ask myself:  “how can I be MORE kind?”.  And I answered myself with this:  “make a bucket list”.  And decorate it, fill it, and share it with kindness.  Call it a Kindness Bucket List.  So obvious.  And create a new blog category in that name to keep you focused on it.  So simple.

I already try to do some of the “usual” acts of kindness on a regular basis.  Once a week, I buy the order behind me at a Tim’s drive-thru.  I give money to charity.  I try to be helpful to those in need.  But people can get in a rut doing routine things so I want to stretch myself.  It’s the overachiever in me.  So here are some things I’m going to put on my Kindness Bucket List that will extend my creativity, my effort, and hopefully the amount of kindness shared.
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Live 13 Months In 1 Year

“I’m a night owl”, I said last night to a co-worker as we were trying to find a time for coffee away from work.  She replied she is too, so we decided after work might be the best time.  All is well there, we’re on our way to finally getting together for some good ole girl time.

But today’s Daily Prompt got me thinking about that conversation.  Am I really a “night owl” and not a “morning person”?  Or is that just a stereotype or label I impose on myself?

When I was a kid, I had a paper route that had me up around 5 am to get all of the newspapers delivered before 7 am.  In a previous career, I had a 45-60 min commute to work, had to drop kids off at daycare on the way, and had to be at work by 8’ish most days.  Just last month while on vacation with my kids, we were up by 7 am at the latest so we could have the fullest days possible.  Did all of those things with ease and most days, without complaint.

For the last number of years, I’ve been in a job where most of my working hours are in the PM ones.  As such I tend to go to bed later and rise later.  I’ve liked this routine, it fits my job demands, I go to bed and get up whenever I want, and I do a lot of writing in the later hours of my day.  But again, I have to ask – is this life fitting me or me fitting life?  And whichever it is, is it a given or is it changeable?
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