All About 83 Unsung Heroes, Bruno Mars, Pokemon, and Harry Belafonte. Oh, and me too.

Thanks to Michael over at 83 Unsung Heroes, a favourite blog of mine, for saying a heck of a lot about nothingness and getting me started on this post with his oft inclusion of song lyrics at the tail end of his latest post.  This last one referenced The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and it summed up how I was feeling at the start of my unintended 2 month blogging vacay …

Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything Continue reading

I Ain’t Got No Couth


According to The Emily Post Institute, there are 15 pieces to a formal table setting.  And look – there are count ’em, FOUR forks in it!  Or is that thingy to the far right of the plate not a fork contraption???



My mama and my god-mother, bless their souls, tried to teach me the semantics of proper setting of the dinner table.  They were raised in the 30’s and 40’s and that was just what they did back then.  I hope they somehow have now managed to rest in peace that while I may have memorized it well enough to visually pull it off, gosh forbid that I ever actually remembered what to do with any of it all or which order it all should be used in.  Or any other proper dining etiquette beyond the basic P’s & Q’s and remembering to NOT tuck my napkin in at my neck and into my bra to catch spills. Continue reading

Life Is A Balance Sheet. Which Side Are You Looking At?


I’m a numbers gal.  Math was my favourite subject all through school.  I have a honours Business degree and a good chunk of the courses for that degree were in accounting.  I have been a treasurer for non-profit organizations.  I have done bookkeeping here and there and I, get this, LOVE to do my taxes.  I have taught many people how to start and grow a business and have managed restaurants.   And I am passionate about spreadsheets, can build one for anything.

So you would think I know a thing or two about basic accounting stuff right?  Yeah, I do.  When it comes to financial matters.  But not so much when it comes to life.  Not so much when it comes to me.  Not so much when it comes to the net worth I assign to myself and my life. Continue reading

Measure Twice, Live Once. With A Hat On.


There’s an old saying you’ve probably heard before:  measure twice, cut once.  It’s oft used by carpenters, glass cutters, and folks in the construction or manufacturing businesses.  I’ve even heard it at Home Depot by a sales clerk trying to help a customer make plans for a DIY project.  It’s a reminder there’s only one chance to get it right.  Otherwise it could cost time, materials, and money.

By extrapolation, I think the old proverb has a fit for life in general too …

Measure twice, live once. Continue reading

5′ 4.5″ Above Ground

I survived the sounds of at least half a dozen dogs barking loudly around 6 am this morning.
I am grateful that I have ears to hear them.  And that I got back to sleep.

I survived the thump thump bang bang of my 15 yr old daughter getting herself off to school.
I am grateful that I have been blessed with the gift of having and raising 3 children.  And that I got back to sleep, again. Continue reading