Live 13 Months In 1 Year

“I’m a night owl”, I said last night to a co-worker as we were trying to find a time for coffee away from work.  She replied she is too, so we decided after work might be the best time.  All is well there, we’re on our way to finally getting together for some good ole girl time.

But today’s Daily Prompt got me thinking about that conversation.  Am I really a “night owl” and not a “morning person”?  Or is that just a stereotype or label I impose on myself?

When I was a kid, I had a paper route that had me up around 5 am to get all of the newspapers delivered before 7 am.  In a previous career, I had a 45-60 min commute to work, had to drop kids off at daycare on the way, and had to be at work by 8’ish most days.  Just last month while on vacation with my kids, we were up by 7 am at the latest so we could have the fullest days possible.  Did all of those things with ease and most days, without complaint.

For the last number of years, I’ve been in a job where most of my working hours are in the PM ones.  As such I tend to go to bed later and rise later.  I’ve liked this routine, it fits my job demands, I go to bed and get up whenever I want, and I do a lot of writing in the later hours of my day.  But again, I have to ask – is this life fitting me or me fitting life?  And whichever it is, is it a given or is it changeable?

One of my favourite authors is Robin Sharma.  I own many of his books and have read all of them multiple times.  In much of his writing, he suggests rising at 5 am and joining the “5 am Club”.  Sharma says that our most valuable hours are 5-8 am since that is when we have the least interruptions.  He cites leaders of all sorts, past and present, who are early birds, with Benjamin Franklin getting frequent mention.  Franklin is the one the original “early to bed, early to rise” quote is attributed to.  He also said “there will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead”, just to give it some perspective.

For some good reading on other accomplished early risers, check out this article from the Business Insider.

5 am eh?  Nah, not there yet.  But I think I could commit to at least getting up earlier than I do.  2 hours, that’s what I’m willing to aim for.  And I will take Sharma’s advice and do it in small bites, starting with 30 minutes earlier and working my way to the 2 hours earlier.

What will I get out of rising 2 hours earlier?  A lot I’m sure.  Maybe even some more writing – woot woot!  Now that I could use and would be thrilled to have.

It’s all in the math actually.  It will get me 1 more month of living each year.  Enough said.

2 x 365 ÷ 24 =

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