Life Is A Balance Sheet. Which Side Are You Looking At?


I’m a numbers gal.  Math was my favourite subject all through school.  I have a honours Business degree and a good chunk of the courses for that degree were in accounting.  I have been a treasurer for non-profit organizations.  I have done bookkeeping here and there and I, get this, LOVE to do my taxes.  I have taught many people how to start and grow a business and have managed restaurants.   And I am passionate about spreadsheets, can build one for anything.

So you would think I know a thing or two about basic accounting stuff right?  Yeah, I do.  When it comes to financial matters.  But not so much when it comes to life.  Not so much when it comes to me.  Not so much when it comes to the net worth I assign to myself and my life.

Here’s the skinny on what a balance sheet is for you non-financial folks:

A list of assets, liabilities, and net worth.  Assets are the positive numbers like cash in the bank or physical things like inventory in stock that have value.  Liabilities are the negative numbers, mostly debts like bills owing or paycheques to staff that will be issued on next payday.  Net worth is essentially what you have left after you subtract the total liabilities number from the total assets number.  For a business, ideally their net worth is positive (‘in the black’) but for some, especially in the early growing years, the number may be negative (‘in the red’).  Visually speaking, assets appear on the left side of a balance sheet, liabilities and net worth on the right.


Now back to me …

Despite being left-handed, I have an adversity to seeing things on the left.  I guess you could call me a right-winger as far as the politics of my life go.  What I’m really saying here is that I spend far too much time focusing on my personal liabilities and their impact on my life and others.  I tend to only see the negatives and by doing so, somehow calculate that my net worth must be in the red.  But that just ain’t the case and I know better.  And it isn’t the case for you either.   Hoping you know better too.

So let’s all take a shot out into left field why don’t we?  Let’s focus on the positives in our lives and the personal assets that we possess.  The things that contribute value to our worlds and the other people in them.  The stuff that balances out all the crap we so often focus too much on and restores order and good vibing to life.  They are countless you know.

Now over to you ..


So dear readers, here is your call to action:

Tell me what’s on the LEFT SIDE of your balance sheet?

What are your ASSETS?

What are the POSITIVES in your life?


Fill in your replies by way of commenting below.


Play along with me in this game of life.  It’s so much funner when we live it as a team.  C’mon I dare ya.  Triple dog dare ya!

I want to see my notifications tab light up ‘in the black’ like crazy.  And who knows, this might not even be about me or you feeling super-dee-dooper awesome about ourselves and our lives.  Maybe this is for the person who reads this and isn’t having the best of days.  Maybe they’ll see something you write and they can relate to it.  So don’t even bother doing this just to humour me.  Do it for that reader out there who needs to see some freakin’ great positive stuff on the screen in front of them.  Go ahead, make their day.  Make their day a better one!


Not sure how to start?  Fine then, I’ll get the ball rolling for you if I must …

I am a really kind person.  I have a ton of strength and resilience.  And on Tuesday, I kicked skin cancer’s butt!

The ball’s in your hands now.  Whatcha gonna do with it???


Image source:   Simon Cunningham user on, CC2.0 Generic

Listen to music.  It could save your soul.  Be kind.  It could save someone’s world.  Wear a hat.  It could save your life.


51 thoughts on “Life Is A Balance Sheet. Which Side Are You Looking At?

  1. I have been spending too much time and energy looking at my liabilities, but I am so grateful that my God covers all of my shortcomings. Because the Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need. I am in the BLACK!

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  2. God is my best asset and having him means I am never alone, or unloved. If I am ever out somewhere, and get totally lost ha ha, I am comforted knowing God is with me 🙂 . Congratulations on kicking cancer’s butt. And well done for writing lots of motivational blogs.

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  3. I see you used “skinny” as promised. Add that to your positives. Keeps promises.

    Here is a positive side of my ledger

    1. Healthy for an old man
    2. Blessed with the best companion possible. 3 yeas ago on our 20th anniversary she re-uped for another 20
    3. Saved for retirement with a great financial advisor. Plans worked as advertised.
    4. We have many wonderful grandchildren that we love to visit
    5. Building a wonderful group of followers that I enjoy interacting with
    6. I love to be supportive of others
    7. I am fortunate to have a great education paid for with scholarships and hard work
    8. I have many great friends and neighbors.
    9. I have been tempered by tough times and survived, learning many life lessons along the way. Not afraid to share my experiences
    10. I smile more than I frown.

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  4. Hi mam,

    How are you doing? When it comes to my liabilities I have my current (for a long time now) unemployed status. It bothers me to no end. Let’s see when it can be turned into asset. BTW I have a commerce degree and very understand balance sheet in that perspective.


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  5. Hi mam,

    I need a help from you. I have been posting in response to daily challenge and one word prompts but couldn’t see my response listed. Could you tell me how exactly to post in response please.

    Would be grateful to you.


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  6. Hi Marianne, I find “hope” a tremendous motivator and asset, one that keeps me going. A new sun comes up every day, it offers me the opportunity to start out fresh each day. I can also start over at any point during my day as many times as I would like, hope is very forgiving. Please take good care. ~ Mia

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  7. I have tremendous empathy and some good insight. By the way, I wrote a post similar to this…how sometimes we think who we are is a baseline for all humanity. We don’t recognize what sets us apart. I so appreciate it when someone else shares a similar thought with a new twist! I want everyone to value their unique assets!

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  8. My oldest daughter, that last year wouldn’t speak to me, now calls me her best friend.
    2 years ago I would cry to my husband, just hang on, one day I’ll make you proud. Today he wrote me a birthday card and told me I may have brought him a few bad memories, but I’ve also given him all his good memories. He told me he is proud….PROUD, of who I am today.
    And my younger daughter, that was held back in Kindergarten….the one teachers were unsure about, walks across the field to get her diploma tomorrow.
    Life has so many positives, you just have to learn to be grateful for the little and most important things. And slow down long enough to take them all in.
    Congrats to you Marianne!

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  9. I loved the Balance Sheet idea, you are so darn creative and one of the funnest blog friends I’ve connected with. My assets? I have a huge heart that extends love and promotes love to everyone I come in contact with. I lean into God to help me with my liabilities, the short comings to turn them around. I work hard to keep positive thoughts and look for the silver lining in all situations. I love to lift up and support others to help them see the best in their selves. You are amazing woman and strong! Keep kicking ass! Love and hugs:)

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  10. Marianne, I’ve been blogging a very short time and have enjoyed reading your posts. This post is such a good reminder to live each day in a state of gratitude.
    Your willingness to engage the reader–and obviously I’m not the only newbie blogger–and give us support and tips encourages me to keep bloggings. Thanks.

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    • Thank you JB, your comment just added a little umph to the left side of my balance sheet. And based on what I just saw on your blog, I’m pretty sure all that you wrote above applies to you as well. So keep on keeping on, it’s making a difference in peoples lives. 🙂
      Blessings … Marianne


  11. Old Mamasan can not resist a Triple Dog Dare, so here we go:

    My assets: my intelligence, my wit, my love, my positivity, my courage, my language skills, my health

    Positives in my life: my family, my pets, my travels, my blog, my writings, my awesome lifestyle

    Thank you so much for this empowering post!

    Wait, did you say you kicked skin cancers butt? *scrolls up* OMG you did! I am so happy to hear that! This is a cause for celebration, so I raise my latte in commemorations of your Victory: Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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    • And my Tim Horton’s double double is raised in celebration right back at you for that wonderful list of positivity! Your words are empowering themselves and when read by others, to them as well I’m certain. Keep up the great attitude, it’s making the sun shine a little brighter in more than just your world!
      Blessings … Marianne

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  12. Great post Marianne. I’m working on it; that’s my left. Most of us carry too much “right” stuff. Getting rid of it once and for all may be the key. Either that or I just close the barn door and walk away from it and do something else that doesn’t bring you down. One way or another, be free to move on to a better place. I am finding it’s when I do something for someone else; and I am grateful for that. It gives me hope.

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    • “Working on it” is an asset all of its own I do believe. And you nailed it with the last 2 sentences – kindness to others, gratitude, and hope. Those 3 things increase the value of any other assets we have to infinity and beyond. Well said!
      Blessings … Marianne


  13. WE are our own best assets, provided that we get out of our own ways, so that we can shine in every way possible. No one can do for us what we can do for ourselves and yes, we are all deserving of every little bit of good that comes our way, along with the challenges that push us to look at things differently.

    Marianne, I like your idea of prompting us all to check our own balance sheets. Ten years ago, I adopted a part-time schedule with Fridays off, (a feat that seemed impossible in my profession to the point that I still get asked, ‘How did you manage that?’), so that I could achieve a work-life balance having seen many of my colleagues ‘peter out’ far too early in life leaving them bigtime in the red!!!! Not gonna happen to me….I am investing in the here and now, so that I can be in the black and be around to enjoy it! ANY thing is possible!!!

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    • Thanks Sue. You are so very right – the ROI (return on investment) when focus is put on ourselves and making our own life’s happier is one of the highest there is. I did something kinda similar a few years back and can’t express how much happiness, joy, and freedom it ‘bought’ me. Well done, keep it and keep enjoying the left side of your balance sheet!
      Blessings … Marianne

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  14. I’m definitely trying to spend more time looking at the left side of the balance sheet! Some of my assets are that I’m loyal and giving. Our family is healthy, we have food on our table, cars that transport us, and a roof over our heads. Those in and of themselves make us more than blessed 🙂

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