What’s On Your Shelves?

Today’s Daily Prompt is Shelf.  Made me look up to the shelf at the top of my desk.  What’s on there says a lot about me …

A humungous bottle of pills.  I have epilepsy and take meds 4x a day for it.  I’m okay with that.  The epilepsy and the meds among other things in my life.

A stapler.  One of several I own because I’m cheap and I keep buying ones from dollar stores that always break.  Need to sometimes remember it’s worth it in the long run to spend a tad more for better quality.  Yes, even on staplers.

An oversized red wood paperclip I got at Michael’s in their cheap cool finds bins.  Told you I was cheap.  Bought it because I wanted it.  Simple as that.

Lots of mail, partly organized in a mail holder, partly piled up.  Just made me remember I have a new credit card somewhere in the pile I need to activate before the old one expires.  I can be slothful and forgetful.

A few of my son’s business cards.  He landed his dream job not long ago.  I’m proud of my children.

A few empty Tim Horton’s coffee cups.  Do I have to tell you again I’m slothful?  Oh yeah, and I really really really like coffee.

Five journals / notebooks for recordings of different types of things, some random, some with a specific purpose ie. notes from meetings from some volunteer stuff I do.  I like to write.  I like to help others.

I like to read too.  The following are on my shelf:

  • The Writer’s Notebook – edited by Howard Junker, contributions by many authors
    Not read yet.  Found it at a thrift store few months back.  Told you I was cheap.
  • Writing Down The Bones:  Freeing The Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg
    Read and re-read.  THE best book I have ever read on the topic of writing.  Recommended by a friend.  Was the book that really kicked off the start of writing my own book after several false attempts.
  • Isabella Valancy Crawford:  We Scarcely Knew Her by Elizabeth McNeill Galvin
    Isabella was my great-, great-aunt, one of Canada’s first recognized female poets.  There’s a park named after her in downtown Toronto I visit frequently.  Writing – it’s in my genes.
  • Finding Your Writer’s Voice:  A Guide to Creative Fiction by Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall
    Also not read.  Also bought at a thrift store.  Told you I was slothful.
  • The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
    I wrote a post based on the author’s poem of the same title.  I nearly teared up in the thrift store when I saw the book.  Forgot I had it actually.  Told you I’m forgetful and now you also know I’m sentimental over books.
  • The Journal of Awesome by Neil Pasricha, author of the other Awesome books and the blog 1000awesomethings.com
    Given to me one Christmas from my 3 kids.  They can be sentimental too.  Check out the series of books and the blog.  They really are awesome.  So are my kids.
  • Who Will Cry When You Die?:  Life Lessons from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma
    Sharma is one of my favourite authors and The Monk book is on my top 10 of all time list.  I like lists.  And I like Sharma.

Well there’s a bit more on the shelves of my desk but I don’t want to bore you with the rest.  I’d rather hear about what’s on your shelves, desk or otherwise.  Care to share some of the most intimate details of your life and who you really are with me and the rest of the world?  Good place to do it is in the comment box below.  Go for it.  Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself in the process.  Or find something you’ve been looking for on the shelf.  Either way, you’ll win and so will we.
Image source:  PictureQuotes    – postscript:  Margaret Atwood is a Canadian author.  I’m Canadian too.  Cool eh?


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


23 thoughts on “What’s On Your Shelves?

    • Well thank you muchly for the kind words and the follow. Bringing joy to someone is certainly part of why I write here. And yes I do write as it is, from the gut. But there is a tad self-consciousness on there every now and then. Thanks again. Happy to came by and happier you took the time to send a note. Hope you’re having a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne


  1. Loved reading about the items on your shelves, Marianne. I looked around at the shelves in my office and decided I have to tidy them up before I can write about them. All they make me reflect on right now is my messiness. Maybe someday I will share what’s on them. 😉

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  2. Thanks for visiting my site, and leaving a comment. So glad you did that, because now I’ve found your site! Haven’t had time to read any responses on today’s prompt, because I’ve been out much of the day.
    It’s interesting, but not all that surprising, that our posts have lists! Nice to read yours — what a collection of stuff! I love the books you’ve mentioned. Love Natalie Goldberg’s little gem of a book! And what little I’ve read of Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s work moved me deeply.
    I’m sorry about the number of pills you have to take, though.
    I look forward to reading more of your work.

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  3. I agree with neelwritesblog. I definitely derived some very simple and needed joy from your post about the shelf. So thank you. I hope they weren’t unrolled roll up the rim Timmys cups!
    On the top shelf above my desk are a globe (representing my love of traveling) and a composite picture frame with old photos of friends. Funny how I’ve grown so accustomed to the frame that I don’t really look at it anymore. I realize that several of the photos are people I’m not really close with anymore. These things change so fluidly that sometimes we forget they’ve changed at all.

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    • Thanks so much Natvk2, appreciate the note. Simple and needed joy – love it! Glad you found some of that here.
      Yes a couple were unrolled but I did roll them before I tossed them just after I posted that piece. No winners sadly.
      A globe is great. Why not change up the photos to some of your faves from your Australia adventures? Just a thought.
      Anyway, thanks again and I hope you’re having a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne


  4. I have always wanted to have a bookshelf but I pass on it anytime the idea comes to mind. This beautiful piece here is inspiring. I aim to get the bookshelf soon and hopefully would tell you all the things I would put on there soon. Lovely read!

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  5. What’s on my shelf is mostly my hubby’s collection of Steven King, Dean Kontz, James Patterson, and my books written Angels, Butterflies & Dragon’s my poetry collection. On my desk there is desktop folders I haven’t opened my coffee cup that I kept forgetting to take to the kitchen this morning to wash, card stock and printing paper that needs to be put into the printer

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    • So I’m not the only one who leaves coffee cups on the desk eh? Good to know ha ha 🙂
      Sounds like you have a busy desk like mine. Hope it’s all of pleasure and productivity for you.
      Thanks for stopping in to leave a comment Donna. Hope you’re having a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne


  6. I must be addicted to shelving. I have a whole back wall in my living room of shelves and my art room has shelves wrapped around all the walls. I have all my art play toys on the shelves in stacked 12×12 Art Bins. I have collected more than I have used so far. oops! 🙂 cool post!

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    • Yes, the clearing clutter, all types, was a biggie for me too. Also the “buying some happiness” idea. I’m usually very cheap but need to spend a little more sometimes to get value, durability, etc. I had to teach myself it’s okay to splurge sometimes, and learned how to be better at not buying things at the very last minute, ie. toilet paper!
      Got tons out of the book, getting ready to give it another read soon actually, really looking forward to it. Marianne


  7. I share you love for coffee. I have tried some darjeeling tea this week – still need the morning espresso though! I enjoy the inspiration you add at the end of the post. Here’s to great hats.

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