Tell Me, Who Are You? Please. I Really Wanna Know.

In response to today’s Daily Prompt – Envy.

I’ve been working on rewriting my About page – AGAIN.  I don’t like it, haven’t been happy with it since the first draft of it went up but I had to have something there.  Even through Blogging 101 AND 201, I couldn’t get it to where I wanted it to be.

When I’m on sites I’ve never been to, I always take a look at their About page(s). I envy those who know who the masculine-pronoun-double-hockey-sticks they are.  And can put it into print no less.  I actually have a file of sites and content snippets I like to refer to when, like now, I am trying to refresh mine.

So my question to you is this:

Know of any great About pages you’ve come across in your travels in the blogosphere?

If yes, please share the link in the comments below.  I need some fresh inspiration.  And yes, this can include your own.  If you have that feeling of “ah, that’s a nice piece” when you look at your About page, that’s the sensation I’m after for my own so don’t be selfish or self-conscious, share yours too if you like it that much.

If you comment, I promise to spit out like a sewer hole to still receive your kiss.  [A take on the lyrics from the song silly, just an odd way to say I’ll reply to thank you for your offering of love by way of a comment.]

As an aside, this song reminds me of when my middle one used to sing along to it in the car as a kid thinking the core lyrics, who are you, was ooh-aw-ooh.  Ah, out of the mouths of babes.



Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


20 thoughts on “Tell Me, Who Are You? Please. I Really Wanna Know.

  1. I also check out a blog’s “about” page when I first visit a blog. It tells me the purpose of the blog and whether I want to follow or not.

    When I started my blog, I did a lot of browsing on others’ “about” pages to get an idea of what I liked best. I found that I tended to like pages that had a lot of pictures and also ones that had a “short version” that summed up the whole blog in a couple sentences and then a “long version” that went into more detail. You can check mine out at I struggled with whether I wanted to use family pictures on a blog. In the end, I decided I’d use the pictures, but not list my children’s or husband’s names.

    Like you, though, I need to revise mine. I don’t think my short version really sums up what I’m trying to do and it says nothing of my long-term goals of writing. My blog is a fun project I keep up with, but the writing I really love to do is YA fiction. Also I don’t think my “short version” gives enough substance for what my blog is really about.

    What I like about yours is that you have three very clear sections that explain who you are, what your blog is, and what your writing goals are. I feel like I get a good sense of all three of those things.

    I can understand how you feel–when you work and re-work (many times) a piece of writing and it still isn’t exactly what you want it to be. I love your writing, though. Keep it up. Hopefully it will get easier (for both of us) with time.

    (I hope this comment wasn’t too long.)

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  2. Hi Marianne,
    I thought your About page was authentic and I love the humour (the pains of online profiles!). And and thank you for sharing your story. It struck such a cord – my dream has been to be a writer/poet but I got distracted by oh-so-important-adult things (job mainly) and I’m now wondering what all the fuss was about! So I started a blog a couple of months ago to just write and put it out there.
    Back to the topic at hand – I’m a newbie at the art of blogging so I won’t pretend to be able to contribute anything of interest. But what helped me when I was wrecking my brains on my own About page was using an image and a quote that inspired me. I thought it was simple and helped say what I couldn’t. Hope this helps!
    My About page:

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  3. You and your work remind me of…me. I think a lot in terms of songs and movies. Have you seen Michael, starring John Travolta? Andi McDowell starts writing a song, “I’m sitting in the middle of the road going nowhere…” Thank you for this and it relates to my post so well.

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    • I almost can’t seem to help but think in terms of music, it just always pops into my head. Even my book chapters are song titles with lyrics quotes in them.
      Nope, haven’t seen Michael yet but love that line you wrote above. Beautiful.
      Thanks for the visit Darell and the note. Wishing you a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne

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