Bother Me Tomorrow, Today I’ll Buy No Sorrows

In response to today’s Daily Prompt:

Lookin’ Out My Back Door:  look out your back door or window – describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

My computer desk is in my living room, right beside the sliding patio doors that open to the backyard of my townhome.  From my desk, I can just see a portion of the south-west corner of my backyard.  While people from another country or planet may not speak the language I will use to describe what I see in literal words, I trust they will share the meaning of what I see in figurative terms in relation to life.

I see raindrops on my windows …

Just as there must be rain to create rainbows, I need tears to truly appreciate my happiness.  Rain provides the opportunity for growth, transforming seeds into full fields that will be harvested when the time is right and the crop is needed.  Then and only then can I dance freely in the cleared field.

I see part of the BBQ with a full tank of propane …

Although closed at the moment, inside it exists the potential for heat.  The heat can provide warmth, a means of helping to create a meal to be shared with others, and light where there may be darkness.  It is within my control to seize the opportunities to press the ignite button.  But I must use with caution.  I have learned from experience that lighting it when it’s been raining is not the best time, leading only to frustrating and futile attempts at achieving the desired outcome.  I think I’ll wait for the sun to return before I try to light it again.

I see a recycle bin that needs to be emptied …

The bin has some trash in it and is starting to get fuller than my level of acceptance with it.  While I can ask others to help with the chore of emptying the garbage, in the end, as the homeowner I know I am the only person responsible for that act.  If I leave it to sit and fill up more, it will become an eyesore, overflow, and turn foul.  That would not only affect my home but also those of the neighbours I care about.  Emptying the bin is a regular task, as more garbage gets created out of my home.  The more often I dispose of the garbage, the happier I am with my backyard.

I see some weeds that need to be tended to ..

Much like health, weeds require regular observation and maintenance.  They require an honest acknowledgement that they exist, rather than taking the easier softer way of simply closing the blinds.  Out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind.  It is much easier to always keep an open eye out for the weeds, than to let them grow into a jungle.

I see part of the fence to my neighbour’s backyard …

The fence exists out of necessity for privacy between residents and is of appropriate height and build given the surroundings.  Walls can have purpose but if built too high or out of materials too break through, they close off my backyard to the neighbourhood.  The wall is fairly sturdy but could be climbed over or even torn down with a concerted effort.  From the current vantage point, all that can be seen is a slight view over the fence with a glimpse of the neighbour’s umbrella and the tree of sorts they have in their backyard.  However, vantage points can change.  The simply act of moving to change perspective will also reveal a gate into the common greenspace.  A much prettier and fuller sight than just a glimpse over a wall.

I see trees with branches and lots of leaves …

Trees provide shelter from storms.  They offer shade under which to meditate and be refreshed.  They are a reminder that life exists beyond the human kind.  They show strength and endurance in spite of the storms they may have had to endure. They grow season after season, in a continuous cycle of life and death.  The trees are a sight for sore eyes.

I see my patio doors are open – slightly …

It has only just finished raining so the doors are mostly closed.  They are open just a bit however to let some fresh air in, with a screen door present to prevent bugs from leaving the backyard and entering the home.  The doors open and close regularly, in relation to current weather conditions.  The blinds are usually kept open but closed when needed and then opened again as soon as possible to let the light of the day in.  They are not just the windows into a home, they are also the windows to offer views into minds, hearts, and souls.

I see some patio stones …

The stones hold steady the furniture and other items that are on them.  On their own, they would just be stones.  But put together in a cohesive way, they are the foundation of the backyard.  Without them, there would just be a lot of dirt.  The backyard was built one stone at a time, just as a life is built one day at a time, one trial at a time, one triumph at a time.  Some stones have cracks but that’s okay, they are perfectly imperfect and they are unique making my backyard unlike any other.

I see a garden hose wrapped nicely and hung up neatly on its metal holder on the fence …

I am not a gardener so the hose does not get much use.  But I know it’s there should I ever need it.  I can use it if the fire in the BBQ gets too hot and out of control risking causing a fire in my own backyard of that of my neighbours.  I can use it to cool myself off should I need a reprieve from the weather of my day.  I can loan it to a neighbour should theirs become full of holes.  I can use it to nourish flowers, should I choose to put any in my backyard.

Although the picture I see from my desk is not all that aesthetically pleasing, it is the things I cannot see but know are there that bring beauty to the view of my backyard.  The air breathing fresh life into my home through the open door.  The sound of the birds singing gleefully nearby.  The feeling that I am safe both in my home and going into my backyard when I choose to.  The knowledge that the rain will end, when it is ready to, and when it ends the sunlight will reappear.  And perhaps I will get the chance to see a glorious rainbow during the transition.

As John Fogerty says in his classic hit, that I got to hear him perform in concert last fall:

Bother me tomorrow, today I’ll buy no sorrows,
Doo doo doo, lookin’ out my back door.

“Lookin’ Out My Back Door”


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