I’m Knick Knackered Out


I’ve been doing a lot lately to reduce stress in my life.  From working on my goals for this year, to spending more time with loved ones, and reading lots recently about minimalism, simplifying my life, organization, etc.  Three of my favourite reads of late have been The More Of Less by Joshua Becker (great newsletter too), The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, and a couple of the books by the now very much talked about Marie Kondo.  Next on my to read list is Getting Things Done by David Allen.  But I haven’t gotten that done yet.

I don’t know about you, but for me, physical clutter creates mental clutter.  And mental clutter gives me mental stress.  And mental stress leads to physical stress.  And then I yell at my kids.  Well, not very often, but I craft in my head what I would like to yell at them.  And then I drink more coffee and play solitaire instead.  Most of the time.  (Hey, I’m just being honest with you okay?) Continue reading

Where In The World Is Sandi Carmenego?

They say we’re all connected by 6 or fewer degrees of separation.  Well, let’s play a little game very loosely based on that.  In the comments, state your first name and where you live.  Then also add a line for the first name of a family member or friend who lives somewhere else.  If possible, mention someone who lives in another country or at least another province / state / region from you.  Let’s see how many dots connect us, at least by where we live if not by the people we know.

Bonus points awarded to any commenter whose name is Sandi Carmenego, or knows someone with that name.  Why?  Just because I made it as an anagram out of the kids show character Carmen Sandiego but when I searched it in Google in quotation marks, it said there were no results. Continue reading

When It Hits, Use Your Mouth

Earlier this week my youngest commented there was a funny smell coming from the basement.  I thought it was just the bit of mustiness I had noticed myself, normal for at the end of winter and pre-spring cleaning time, especially without a window down there.  As I approached the stairs however, I did notice the smell had changed, wasn’t ‘normal’ at all anymore.  Down I went. Continue reading

Bother Me Tomorrow, Today I’ll Buy No Sorrows

In response to today’s Daily Prompt:

Lookin’ Out My Back Door:  look out your back door or window – describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

My computer desk is in my living room, right beside the sliding patio doors that open to the backyard of my townhome.  From my desk, I can just see a portion of the south-west corner of my backyard.  While people from another country or planet may not speak the language I will use to describe what I see in literal words, I trust they will share the meaning of what I see in figurative terms in relation to life.

I see raindrops on my windows …

Just as there must be rain to create rainbows, I need tears to truly appreciate my happiness.  Rain provides the opportunity for growth, transforming seeds into full fields that will be harvested when the time is right and the crop is needed.  Then and only then can I dance freely in the cleared field.

I see part of the BBQ with a full tank of propane …

Although closed at the moment, inside it exists the potential for heat.  The heat can provide warmth, a means of helping to create a meal to be shared with others, and light where there may be darkness.  It is within my control to seize the opportunities to press the ignite button.  But I must use with caution.  I have learned from experience that lighting it when it’s been raining is not the best time, leading only to frustrating and futile attempts at achieving the desired outcome.  I think I’ll wait for the sun to return before I try to light it again.

I see a recycle bin that needs to be emptied …

The bin has some trash in it and is starting to get fuller than my level of acceptance with it.  While I can ask others to help with the chore of emptying the garbage, in the end, as the homeowner I know I am the only person responsible for that act.  If I leave it to sit and fill up more, it will become an eyesore, overflow, and turn foul.  That would not only affect my home but also those of the neighbours I care about.  Emptying the bin is a regular task, as more garbage gets created out of my home.  The more often I dispose of the garbage, the happier I am with my backyard.

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A Very, Very Fine House


Today’s Daily Prompt:

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?


A famil20150708_114827[1]y:  passings by of the lives of a teen, twenty-something, and middle-aged female.  The family loves each other, the child/sibling who doesn’t reside here anymore, and their mom/gram now their angel as demonstrated in the various picture frames.  Well used couches from watching Netflix together.  “I love you mom” written on a sticky note by the twenty-something and on the bulletin board near desk.

20150708_113958[1]Music lover:   30 yr old all-in-one radio, cassette player, & turntable.  Retro Superman radio player.  Brass album stand holding about 100 vinyl (loads more in the basement if you were looking there too).  3 frames currently holding Elvis, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole records.  Laptop with one tab open streaming Sirius XM live; channel changes frequently, currently on The Bridge.  “Been there Rocked that” plaque.  Some 45’s.
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