Look North. It’s Strong. It’s Free.


“God help me.”

It’s affectionately known as ‘the alcoholic’s prayer’ in the church basements I like to hang out in on a regular basis.  I know it well.  Have said it more times than I probably care to remember, or can remember for that matter.  Funny thing those blackouts us drunks experience.  Sometimes I’m grateful I can’t recall all of my shenanigans.

My old way of saying the alcoholic’s prayer went something like this …

God help me _____
[insert highly dramatic details of whatever so-called predicament I had found myself in]
and I will _____
[insert some bargaining chip I thought the big guy would fall for at the time, usually something to do with not drinking ever again].
This time will be different, I promise.
[insert sound of thunder somewhere in the world reflecting the noise of God’s hearty rolling-on-the-floor-of-heaven laughter]

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The Power Of Miracles


Tonight’s episode of the 6-part National Geographic miniseries, “The Story Of God” with Morgan Freeman is sadly the last.  But I am very happy about the topic they chose to end the series with:  The Power Of Miracles.  And how fitting.  To talk about miracles on a day many of us are celebrating the miracle of motherhood.

Do I believe in miracles?  Kinda yes, and kinda no.  Yeah, I know that’s not really an answer but it’s where I stand.  Or sit I guess since it’s on the fence. Continue reading

Why Does Evil Exist? I Dunno.


Tonight on the National Geographic Channel:  “The Story Of God” with Morgan Freeman, episode 5 – Why Does Evil Exist?.  9 pm ET / 8 pm CT.  Check your local listings.

I’ve been trying for a couple of days to write a post for today and I just can’t seem to put together anything of substance.  Was trying to write about evil to be in sync with tonight’s episode but I sure as heck don’t have a clue as to what the answer is so nothing to write on there.  Also didn’t want to start a big debate here on the topic, I’ll leave that for the experts.  And nope, I’m not ready to reveal to you all of my dirtiest secrets on the evil acts I have committed in my life.  I will tell you I flip the bird on occasion to other drivers though just so you are reminded I am a perfuctly fecked up human. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time …


… a long time ago, the planet earth came into existence.  So did people.  Those are the facts and I suspect all of you will agree with them.  Where we likely differ though is in our answers to the who, what, when, where, and why of how those creations came to be.  Some will favour more scientific responses, perhaps within the realms of the big bang theory and Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Others will rest their cases in the framework of their religious/spiritual beliefs.  I have a hunch there are folks out there who are like me, who see good argument for both streams of theories and choose to not solely believe in one or the other.  The thoughts in my thesis on the creation of the world are borrowed from here, there, and everywhere.  Some may not even care what the answers are and live in contentment just knowing that they exist on the side of the earth that has air, light, and other living beings on it.

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