The Power Of Miracles


Tonight’s episode of the 6-part National Geographic miniseries, “The Story Of God” with Morgan Freeman is sadly the last.  But I am very happy about the topic they chose to end the series with:  The Power Of Miracles.  And how fitting.  To talk about miracles on a day many of us are celebrating the miracle of motherhood.

Do I believe in miracles?  Kinda yes, and kinda no.  Yeah, I know that’s not really an answer but it’s where I stand.  Or sit I guess since it’s on the fence.

I spent some time researching what a miracle is.  Not just on the usual dictionary type sites, but on some religious, scientific, psychological, and philosophical ones too.  Read some articles on accredited news websites.  And read some more on some random sites too, just everyday folks sharing their opinions on the topic.  What I found was it depended on how the word was defined whether I bought into its existence or not.

To be honest, I thought the researching would be easy.  I thought it would just confirm what I was taught being raised in a very religious home.  But it actually created more questions for me.  If it’s a miracle that so-and-so is somehow cured of a life-threatening disease, then what is it when so-and-so-and-so isn’t?  What’s the opposite of a miracle?  Can only God (or whomever other religions believe in) perform miracles?  Is it just divine intervention or does humankind have a role in the matter?  Is was mortals call a miracle simply God (or whomever) getting their way because they’re going to no matter what we do to try to help or hinder their efforts?  If the so-called miracle at hand is something that we say is a ‘one in a million’ act or experience, why is it labelled a miracle and not simply that one in a million?  If science can explain the miracle, does that take away its miraculousness?

I don’t have the answers to any of the above questions.  But what I do know is that my mom believed in miracles.  Big time.  And she had just cause to I guess.  On two occasions, she lost all of her vital signs and was ‘brought back to life’ through medical intervention.  The first when she was giving birth to my oldest sister, her first child.  The second when she had her first heart attack, which just so happened to occur while she was at a hospital.  Sadly, I have to say she was there because she had just found out I had tried to kill myself.  I was a teenager drowning in the despair of depression.  They brought her back to life while in the very next room, they were working on me to make sure I didn’t lose mine.  To this day, I thank God and the medical professionals who were with us both.

And to reinforce her beliefs in miracles, she says I was the result of two as well.  The first being that she even got pregnant with me at all given that I was conceived during her period and with a diaphragm in.  I guess she called me ‘one in a million’ legitimately.  The second for me because I too lost all of my vital signs after I was hit by a car while riding my bike as a child.  Mine happened in the operating room just as they were about to open me up to see where I was hemorrhaging internally.

Well, I think that’s enough deep thoughts from me on the topic of miracles.  As always, I’m looking forward to the episode tonight to reveal a little more for my contemplation.  In the meantime, I’m going to reference just one of the many definitions I found for miracle.  This one’s from the Oxford Dictionary:

An exceptional product or achievement, or an outstanding achievement of something.


Mom – you were an exceptional human being and now you are an exceptional angel to me.  You achieved things in your lifetime I couldn’t even have imagined anyone could do, not the least of which was raising me, and mostly on your own no less.  I was a challenge, I know, but for all of the walls and barriers I constructed, you rose to the challenge, broke them all down, and pulled me out.  You sheltered me from storms and you showed me where to find the sun.  You loved me when I couldn’t love myself.  If that’s not an outstanding achievement, then I don’t know what is.  You were and are a miracle to me.  Thank you for being the carrier of the miracle I get to call my life.

Love you mom.  Always have.  Always will.
xxoo  Marianne


For more on the show tonight airing at 9 pm ET / 8 pm CT, check out NatGeo’s website.  And don’t forget to watch the video with the Pastor, Rabbi, and Iman at the diner.  Another great coffee chat.


Image source:   Serge Melki user on, CC2.0 Generic

Note about the picture …

To many, the rays of light streaming through the clouds are called ‘God Rays’.  My mom called them that too and believed that it was the souls of the recently passed making their way up to heaven.  I adopted her beliefs and I always see them within a couple of days after hearing of the death of someone I know.


Listen to music.  It could save your soul.  Be kind.  It could save someone’s world.  Wear a hat.  It could save your life.


21 thoughts on “The Power Of Miracles

  1. Marianne, this gave me goosebumps reading about “God Rays.” I have never heard that before but absolutely love it. You and your mom went through so much……Happy Mother’s Day to you. ❤

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    • I’ve come across them through a few places. NatGeo’s webiste (if you’re in their jurisdiction for viewing, just try and see), a NatGeo app (check Google Play), YouTube, and my Roger’s On Demand listings on my tv. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


  2. Marianne thank you for this post, you have written about some miracles that happened to you and your Mom, why then do you have doubts about miracles?
    I’ll tell you about a miracle that happened to me. I think it was February this year, we had a huge snowstorm, I was scared out of my wits, how will I clear all this white stuff, I couldn’t think of anyone I could ask for help. Next morning after my usual prayer I asked God to help me because I could not do it myself.
    After breakfast, I sat down to read the novel(I entered the 25 book reading challenge this year.) At about 8:00 am in the morning my phone rang, I wondered who was calling me this early. It was my neighbour asking me if I needed help to clear the snow in my driveway, there was some guy asked her if she could help him find out from the neighbours, my reaction was please send him now. He was a very pleasant guy I was so happy. I considered it a miracle. 🙂

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    • Your story makes me smile Ranu. 🙂
      I guess it’s kinda like my belief in God. 100% in my heart and soul. But my overthinking, logical, scientific, rationalizing brain questions it sometimes. Miracles are the same to me. Fully from my non-cognitive me, but not as much from my thinking me.


    • Wow Kimberly, what a very kind thing to say. Thank you for that. It pleases me very much to know you enjoy my posts. And yes, some of them are about topics that aren’t the easiest to write about but heck, life ain’t all that easy now is it, so might as well talk about it and find some common ground with others, some common solutions of coping mechanisms, or gee maybe even some common laughs!
      Thank you again. You made opening up my laptop this morning cause for a very big grin across my entire face.


  3. Thank you for raising the questions about miracles. I want to Believe in miracles, but I can’t. If miracles do exist, then why do bad things happen to some people without a miracle to pull them through? There are certainly more questions than answers.

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    • Yeah, that is one of the biggest questions about their existence isn’t it? One of mine that my logical side wants to know, but I guess deep down inside what I believe is God has a plan for all of us and makes the best of some of the worst things that mankind does, for our benefit, someway or another, in His way, in His time.
      Thanks for the note Piedra, happy to see you here along the side of the road. Hope you’re having a kindess-filled kinda day … Marianne


  4. I believe that most miracles would be explainable if we had more knowledge about the world around us. Imagine what someone from the 15th century would think about what we encounter in our everyday lives. We flip on the lights, turn on the stove or oven, talk to a friend half way around the world, fly halfway around the world in 15-20 hours, and most people live to be in our 80’s and 90’s and very few die in childbirth. We still have so much more to learn, and that does not exclude learning about a supreme being and religious miracles.

    I touch on a great deal of this in my first science fiction novel, giving a possible explanation about how we came into existence with guidance from other beings and how we could think of these beings as gods. The topic is very important to me and I love the way you treated it in your blog. Thank you.

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    • Thanks muchly Charles. I like your thoughts on the topic. And you’re very right – someone 100 yrs ago just might consider it miraculous to do many of the things that are part of our everyday lives now. Wonder what ‘miracles’ are in store for 100 yrs from now???
      Thanks again, always appreciate you joining in on the conversation. Marianne

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  5. I saw the previews for this show, but then ending up forgetting what channel I saw it on. Looking forward to trying to catch a replay of it. I really enjoyed- Through the Wormhole, which he narrated. And also have recently watched the series-Belief – by Oprah Winfrey. That was very eye opening for me and actually where I discovered the poetry by Rumi.

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    • All the episodes are in any/all of these places:
      NatGeo’s website (depends on if you’re in their viewing boundaries), NatGeo app (check Google Play), YouTube, and for they are in my On Demand/NatGeo On Demand on my cable tv listings.
      Good luck finding them and hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Marianne

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