Need Some Fuel For Your Writing?

Just stumbled on a blog for writers who, like me, get inspired by music, need music on while writing, or heck just love music period.  I also love themed playlists and enjoy making my own for the computer and for mixed CDs (yeah, I’m still a bit old school, I know).  The site has a wide variety of YouTube playlists, something for everyone likely.  Favourite them there if you have a YouTube account, use them for inspiration to come up with your own, or simply discover some new tunes/artists you haven’t come across before.

Blog author, Leah K. Oxendine, has certainly used some creativity in compiling the lists.  Some of their titles include:

For more information and to see the directory of playlists she’s put together for everyone’s listening pleasure, visit SoundFuel – Music You Can’t Write Without.


And since we’re talking about inspiration for writing, what inspires yours?

Timothy Pike has a blog I follow that is exactly about just that topic:

What Inspires Your Writing?
A blog dedicated to writers … and the people, places, and things that spark their creativity

Check it out.  Some great tips in there.

He also invites fellow writers to submit articles to him on the topic of what inspires their writing, and then profiles them on his blog.  Visit the Home page to see some of the recent writers he has featured.  Or better yet, write your own 250-word or less article and submit it to him, along with what he calls a “Pinterest worthy” related picture, your name, and your blog/website/book site URL.  You never know, I may get to read all about your writing inspiration source(s) when I see in my Reader that he’s posted about you.  Click on the “Share Your Writing” tab on his blog for more information.

Here’s to inspiring music and to inspired writing.

Image sources:
Listening to my mind – Eduard V. Kurganov user on, CC2.0 Generic
Wright song – Chris user on, CC2.0 Generic

Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


6 thoughts on “Need Some Fuel For Your Writing?

    • Oh Ranu, you are awesome and your regular feedback on my posts is awesome too. Can’t take credit for these ideas though, just wanted to share them with any readers who might be interested. I’ve started my “what inspires your writing” article a few times, but do need to finish it to submit to Timothy. Why don’t you write one too??? 🙂 Marianne
      PS don’t know how I didn’t do it before, but just got around to finally following you, looking forward to some great stuff


    • Thinking is a great thing, glad it stimulated some new thoughts for you. And yes, please do have a fart or two soon – would love to see your inspirational article show up in my Reader. Thanks for the nomination too, will mull it over and decide how to respond later. Hope you are having a kindness filled kind day … Marianne


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