Writing: Words of Mine

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In addition to emails, text messages, and notes to my kids on a whiteboard in our kitchen, I am the author of this blog, I will be the author of a book (or two or twenty), and I write some eclectic prose driven by my love for lyrics from a diverse array of tastes in music.  I’ll keep the emails, texts, and kids’ notes private [for now].  The blog – you’re on it, take a look around, let me know if you like or dislike anything you see.  I’m always game for a compliment here and there or even for a good friendly debate.  The book you ask?  Well, umm, gee … what shall I say about the book?  Oh yeah, I already wrote about it in my About page.  Head over there and you’ll discover some other really cool stuff about me.  Now for the eclectic prose, that’s easy.  I ‘steal’ lyrics from songs I hear and throw them all together to create a new composition.  I call them “Stolen Words” and they’re really cool too, just like me.

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Why do I write?  Because I can.  Because I want to.  Because I need to.  Because my blog is my author apprenticeship.  Because of many of the same reasons expressed in this fine collection of quotes I have about writing.

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What inspires my writing?  Tons.  Music is a biggie that’s for sure.  Needing to tell, oops I mean ask, my kids to do things around the house, hence the whiteboard in the kitchen.  And when I’m not sure what I want/feel like writing about, I can often rely on the divine intervention of a writing challenge posed to me via our very own WordPress Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.  Here are some of my conforming and at times rebellious posts provoked by the prompts.

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Enough about me … what about you … what inspires YOUR writing?

Share your inspirations in the comments below.  I enjoy reading about how and where other writers find inspiration.  Better yet, beat me to the punch and submit your entry to the “What Inspires Your Writing?” blog before I do.  The odds are in your favour.   I’ve been ‘meaning’ to send in mine for months and haven’t yet.  Sloth should be my middle name but my parents didn’t want to brand me with one of the 7 deadly sins right in my legal identity.  Thanks Mom & Dad.