Not In My Vocabulary … Anymore

Today’s Daily Prompt suggests visiting an event in the past that we think could have played out differently, and to write about what could, would, or should have happened.  Uh-uh.  I don’t do that … anymore at least.

I’m a dreamer.  Have an [over] active imagination.  Love to think up possibilities and see them through in my mind from start to finish.  Like to come up with Plan Bs,Cs, and all the way to backup plan Zs even.  “Paralysis by analysis”.  Yep, I’ve heard that phrase said about me before, both in my personal and my professional life.  All in all, this tendency of mine can be a blessing, can be of value and service to others … when balanced by a lovely KISS:  keep it simple silly.  Great thing to plan for the future.  I haven’t met goals in life simply by writing out a line or two on a piece of paper or word processor.  They needed plans and steps – and flowcharts, spreadsheets, and multi-layered bullet lists in my style of planning.  Terrific skill to have for looking ahead, not so much for looking behind.

If I apply all of those wonderful attributes of me to my past, I get lost, very very lost.  I waste time on futile observations and crafting scenes for a chapter that never did nor ever will get written, at least not for my autobiography.  I spend way too much time living in locations where I don’t hold a mortgage or pay rent = other people’s minds.  And even if, big IF, whatever even could have played out differently, who do I think I am for having the power to possess any control or insight into just exactly how it would have played out.  Silly me.
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3 Clues For A Crossword Puzzle About Me

If I ever make a crossword puzzle about myself, here are three possible clues for the first word:

Clue 1:  to elude or thwart by or as if outwitting

Clue 2:  to deviate from Hoyle

Clue 3:  author of this blog post

And the solution would be:     cheater

There, I’ve admitted it on the world wide web.  And my own kids don’t even know it.

It just started last night after I installed a couple of crossword puzzle games onto my phone.  I had been thinking about crossword puzzles ever since I wrote a list of 45 things about me for my About page.  One of them, #27, had been bothering me and I decided to do something to see if I could change it.  The thing about me in reference here is:
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Ingredients Are To A Meal as Words Are To A Book

Meal planning  /  The Idea!!!

Picture in recipe  /  Cover page

Grocery shopping  /   Reading, research & reflection

Getting all of the required items ready  /  Plot & character development

Ingredients  /  Words

Recipe instructions  /  Sentences

Cooking, baking, standing, etc  /  Paragraphs

Meal courses  /  Chapters

Sensations to the palette  /  Thoughts & feelings in your readers’ minds

Happy bellies  /  Well worn pages

Daily Prompt:  Fri Jun 11 15  –  Ingredients