Leading By Not Leading?

I am a member of a large non-profit organization, have been for a number of years.  For much of that time, I’ve held an active position within the entity.  At the moment, I don’t have a role but I do still attend our regular business meetings and participate in discussions where I think I may have something to contribute.

Currently, there are a few vacancies on the operating committee.  They are all positions that I have held in the past, a couple of them for more than one term.  I debated letting my name stand for one of them, just in an interim capacity until the fall when elections take place for the new 2-year cycles.  Many of the other members who attend our meetings know of my CV within the organization and at the risk of sounding vain, I suspect some were assuming I would take on one of the roles.  I could do it – I certainly know how to, the group didn’t fall apart when I held the positions before, and I have the time to take on the commitment.  Bonus points:  nobody ever threw a gavel at me.

Driving to the meeting last night, I had to make my decision …

Would I take on a leadership role or would I not?

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