I Was Instagram-Worthy


Despite the fact that my kids are 15, 21, and 24, I still make them do Santa lists every year.  And they know when the deadline for them is: the day of the Toronto Santa Claus parade in mid-November.

Last year, my middle one was really struggling to pull together some ideas for me.  How a 21-yr old young lady, going to university in Toronto, living in a shared apartment with three of her friends, with a very busy social life, and with big plans for her future could NOT be able to pass on some things she wanted/needed dumbfounded me.  So in late November I went in to Toronto to both visit her and get some other Christmas shopping done.  While we were having lunch, I asked her again about her Santa list.  She finally gave me a response … Continue reading

Leadership On The Road – Driving The Message Home and Everywhere

Are you a driver?  General statistics will have me guessing many of you are.  Are you a leader?  My own beliefs and the teachings I have followed of leaders I admire inspires me to state that yes, you are.  ALL of you. You don’t need to hold a high-up position in a multinational corporation to be a leader.  You don’t need to be in a position of high political stature to be a leader.  You don’t need to be the Chairman of the Board of a non-profit organization either.  Leadership happens in all of those places of course, but it also happens at home, on the streets, in the grocery store, and at the park.  And it even happens out there on the roads we travel.

Here are some tips on how you can both improve your leadership skills and become a better driver, all at the same time, all within the 2, or 4, or 0 doors of your mode of transportation.  It’s easier than it sounds.  Why not turn the green light on and give these a go?

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