When It Hits, Use Your Mouth

Earlier this week my youngest commented there was a funny smell coming from the basement.  I thought it was just the bit of mustiness I had noticed myself, normal for at the end of winter and pre-spring cleaning time, especially without a window down there.  As I approached the stairs however, I did notice the smell had changed, wasn’t ‘normal’ at all anymore.  Down I went. Continue reading

366 Days Of Art, Movie Quotes, and Song Lyrics

If you enjoy art and/or movie quotes and/or song lyrics, then check out a very cool story about two brothers on a mission.

Tory Burke and Ian Simmons are on a leap-year journey of creative expression derived from iconic pop culture quotes.  The project started as a need for personal outlets for their art that became a collaboration of both of their works.  They are about 2 months into the adventure which will go for 366 days since 2016 is a leap year.

Read this Omaha.com article for more about their project and a few gallery pics of their work.  You can view more on their art on these sites as well:




Here is one of their pieces, as included in the Omaha.com article linked above:

The Thrill Is Gone