Help! I’ve Fallen Into My Reader And I Can’t Get Out!

Not all readers write, but all writers read.

Today’s assignment in Blogging 101 is to Say Hello To The Neighbours – follow 5 new topics in The Reader and 5 new blogs.  Sounds easy, right?  Sounds fun too, yes?  Sounds like a natural thing to do since everyone who blogs is a writer of some sort or another and therefore if my equation of the writing / reading world is correct, heading into The Reader in WordPress is a given.  Ha!  Not for me – I’m a fraidy cat when it comes to The Reader.

I like perusing books in all sorts of places, online and in the physical world.  The large chain store in my local mall.  The book section of music stores.  A gazillion websites.  Other people’s coffee tables, night stands, and bathrooms.  The overflowing shelves in thrift stores.  At libraries.  In milk crates at garage sales.  Under my bed, on my desk, and in the bedrooms of my own kids.  Just yesterday while at an Urban Outfitters store in Toronto, I bought one book, jotted down the names of two others I would like to read, and got several Christmas present ideas for loved ones (the big day is only 169 days away you know).

But my favourite place to find my next best read is any independent bookstore, carrying new, used, or a combination of both book offerings.  It’s the place I go feeling ready to brave the world, save the world, change the world, become a part of the world, and find my own place in the world.  It’s where I find comfort, solace, inspiration, and more things to dust.  It’s my “go-to” place when I need a gift for someone.  I have experienced life altering, “ah-ha” moments in these places.  I want to experience more.

I have to enter such an establishment with caution though.  I can stay there for hours and hours and hours.  My kids will join me browsing the aisles of a local bookstore, they are all readers too, so it can be a family affair.  However, if they aren’t “in the mood”, they know to leave mom alone and carry on down the street to shop elsewhere for a bit.  Usually, they finish their other browsing before I am anywhere near done mine and end up coming back to me rather than me having to text one of them to find out where they are.
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