Rockin’ Fun In The Summer Sun

Sun Jun 21   12:39 pm EDT   First Day Of Summer 2015!

To celebrate the arrival of the summer of 2015 (where I am at least), here is one of many “Fun In The Sun” summertime playlists I could create.  There are just so many songs that are either about summer or simply make me think of it for whatever reason.  I embedded just a few for this post to keep its size smaller, the rest are in a list at the bottom.

So turn up the volume on your device and free up your hands and feet.  You just might find yourself tapping along.  Heck, why not stop what you’re doing and just get up and dance?

“Twisting By The Pool”   –  Dire Straights

“Let’s Twist Again”  –  Chubby Checker
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