Look North. It’s Strong. It’s Free.


“God help me.”

It’s affectionately known as ‘the alcoholic’s prayer’ in the church basements I like to hang out in on a regular basis.  I know it well.  Have said it more times than I probably care to remember, or can remember for that matter.  Funny thing those blackouts us drunks experience.  Sometimes I’m grateful I can’t recall all of my shenanigans.

My old way of saying the alcoholic’s prayer went something like this …

God help me _____
[insert highly dramatic details of whatever so-called predicament I had found myself in]
and I will _____
[insert some bargaining chip I thought the big guy would fall for at the time, usually something to do with not drinking ever again].
This time will be different, I promise.
[insert sound of thunder somewhere in the world reflecting the noise of God’s hearty rolling-on-the-floor-of-heaven laughter]

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Gotta Get My Trudging Boots On.


The “Big Book” has two primary parts to it:  the basic text, and the personal stories of members.  There are 11 chapters with 164 pages to the basic text portion.  The last chapter is called ‘A Vision For You’.  Ain’t that a beautiful and grand way to end the core material of what is essentially a text book for life and for living that life?  They must have seen me coming.

The word abandon often has negative connotations to it.  Child abandonment.  Fear of abandonment in familial or other relationships.  Having to abandon a home as a result of natural disaster.  Scary thoughts those are. Continue reading

Nah, I Like Steps Better. 12 To Be Precise.


I have taken many stairways in my days on this planet.  Some heading up, some heading down.  And some of those long winding circling ones that would make me dizzy if I ran up or down them too fast.  I’ve navigated them on my cute little bum, with a pair of crutches killing my armpits, and with my two left feet.  I’ve stumbled up them in a drunken stupor on my hands and knees, and I’ve fallen down them stone cold sober landing on my hands and knees. Continue reading

Stolen Words: Brilliant Disguise

In response to today’s Daily Prompt

My former best friend duped me, duped me good and for quite some time.  But that ole friend of mine isn’t in my life anymore.  They are still around, I see them quite often actually, but there’s no place in my life for them anymore.  Hasn’t been for 16 years now.  While the memories aren’t great ones, they are ones I hope I never forget.  They remind me why I chose the life I live today and they help me relate to others who get hoodwinked by that same old friend of mine.  They are my daily reminder of gratitude and hope.

If that best friend I speak of is pulling the wool over your eyes too, know that there are others like me who have been there and can help.  We’re a chatty bunch, enjoy getting together on a frequent basis, and have a fondness for staircases with a certain number of steps in them.  Climbing those steps has taken us to a better life and we’ll show you just how to do the same.  Care to chat more?  Happy to hear that.  Just give one of us a call or find us at one of our regular hangouts.  The door’s always open and the coffee’s always on.  Hope to see you around.

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