Rockin’ Fun In The Summer Sun

Sun Jun 21   12:39 pm EDT   First Day Of Summer 2015!

To celebrate the arrival of the summer of 2015 (where I am at least), here is one of many “Fun In The Sun” summertime playlists I could create.  There are just so many songs that are either about summer or simply make me think of it for whatever reason.  I embedded just a few for this post to keep its size smaller, the rest are in a list at the bottom.

So turn up the volume on your device and free up your hands and feet.  You just might find yourself tapping along.  Heck, why not stop what you’re doing and just get up and dance?

“Twisting By The Pool”   –  Dire Straights

“Let’s Twist Again”  –  Chubby Checker
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It’s My Funeral So Everyone P-A-R-T-Y!

The Life Of Marianne:   Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

People get ready!  We’re gonna have a party!  Only God knows when it will be, where it will be, and how it will take place but my death will happen.  I won’t have much control, if any, over any of those things but what I do have some control over now is planning the party that will take place after it.  Yes, I said party.

I don’t want some dark and gloomy funeral where everyone is crying over the loss of me in their lives.  I want better than that, more than that, especially for my own children.  Yes, I know there will be tears, I know I have family and friends who will be sad at my passing.  But I want the overriding theme for all to be a celebration of the wonderful, meaningful, and even corny & quirky things that made me me, and how that me meant something positive to them.

The inspiration behind this plan came from two sources.  One was my mother.  Long before she even became ill, she would joke about her funeral being a party and what a fun time it would be.  After she got sick and as she knew her life’s end was nearing, she took the reigns and told us her wishes for her final days if they were possible.  She got what she wanted.  My brother, sister-in-law, and I held her hand as she took her last breath in a hospice here in Guelph where I live now and she had previously lived.  And three months later, we threw her a party at the place that had been her home with her husband, my step-dad, for some years.  It was a beautiful sunny May day, along the waterside, and we truly did have fun celebrating the awesomeness of my mom.

Some of my other vision for my funeral came to me while reading “Who Will Cry When You Die?”, a book by one of my favourite authors, Robin Sharma, the man behind “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.  It was then that I started to actually put my thoughts to print so should my death come unexpectedly, my family would know some of my wishes.  The first thing I started to write out was a playlist of songs.  Music is the soundtrack to my life, and when I’m not sure what it is I want to express to someone, I often turn to lyrics to help guide me.  On that playlist are some of the songs I want dedicated to my loved ones.  Others are on there because they’ve had some meaning in my own life.  There are some sappy ones on it because like I’ve said before, a dose of sappy every now and then is good for the soul.  But there are a lot of happy ones too.  I want people to smile, sing along, and even dance.  Remember, it’s a party.

This post idea came from today’s Daily Prompt:  Festivus for the Rest of Us.  I could write a whole other post on all of the songs on my funeral playlist, maybe I will one day.  And yet another post on the rest of the details I have planned out like location and food and such.  But I’ll finish up this post on a music note.  I have picked one song to be the theme of my funeral.  One that has some life lessons in it.  A song that many will have heard and will remember seeing in the comedy movie it comes from.  A song that talks about death in an honest way, but at the same time in a lighthearted manner too.  A song that makes me smile every time I hear it.  That song is:  “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” from Monty Python’s “The Life Of Brian”.  Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics I love:

“For life is quite absurd, and death’s the final word, you must always face the curtain with a bow,

Forget about your sin, give the audience a grin, enjoy it, it’s your last chance anyhow”

A Baker’s Dozen For Your Father’s Day Playlist

I like lists.  This includes song playlists.  In spite of all the computer, cell phone, and satellite technology that’s out there, I still like to make mixed CDs.  Often, those CDs have a theme to them.  Therefore, I need themed playlists to make the CDs.

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, I’m already starting to hear ‘dad songs’ on the radio and the online/satellite providers I listen to.  I’ll admit, I’m not really into Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day for that matter) so I’m not planning on making a ‘dad CD’.  But I thought I’d throw together some of the songs that would be on my Father’s Day CD if I were to make one.  Maybe some of these will provide some inspiration for your own playlists, themed or otherwise.

Some notes first:

  1. I’m a newbie to blogging and haven’t yet figured out how to set up and embed audio stuff yet so this list will be just that, a list (except for the last one).  Happy YouTubing / iTuning.
  2. Yes, some of them are sappy.  A dose of sappy every now and then is good for the soul.
  3. No, you likely won’t recognize some songs.  I didn’t either but discovered some great tunes in this eclectic mix.

A Baker’s Dozen For Your Father’s Day Playlist:

•   My Father’s House by Bruce Springsteen.  (Ben Harper’s cover is my pick for this song.)

•   Father To Son by Phil Collins.  (Kinda neat that the video includes his own family.)

•   Father, Son by Peter Gabriel.

•   Father And Daughter by Paul Simon.

•   Papa Don’t Take No Mess by James Brown.

•   Color Him Father by The Winstons.

•   They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore by Loretta Lynn.

•   My Dad by Paul Petersen.

•   Fathers & Mothers by Lukas Nelson (Willie’s son) & The Promise Of Real

•   Remember Me by Steve Earle.

•   Unforgettable by Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole.

•   Daddy’s Hands by Holly Dunn.

•   A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash.  (Had to include The Man In Black in here)