News Flash: It Ain’t About Them


I would like to pass along a riveting piece of advice an dear elder of mine in AA shared with me some years ago.  She didn’t share it nicely but she did share it with love and good intention.  The love was to propel me to be honest with myself and the intention was to shatter a false reality I had lived with most of my life.  Her missions were accomplished and then some.  I have never looked at the type of thoughts and behaviours in question the same since then, and have been able to change many of my actions around them because of her.  For that, I remain forever grateful.

News Flash:   People Pleasing Isn’t About Them – It’s About You

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A Peek Into The Mind Of An Extroverted Introvert


Say what?  An extroverted introvert?  What the heck is that you ask  You’re in luck.  I’m going to give you a bird’s eye look into the mind of one:  mine.  And yes, extroverted introversion is a real ‘thing’.  Go ahead and Google it to see for yourself.  But do it in a new tab please.  I don’t want you to get so enthralled with your reading that you forget about me and can’t find your way back.  I’ll wait for you … Continue reading