A Peek Into The Mind Of An Extroverted Introvert


Say what?  An extroverted introvert?  What the heck is that you ask  You’re in luck.  I’m going to give you a bird’s eye look into the mind of one:  mine.  And yes, extroverted introversion is a real ‘thing’.  Go ahead and Google it to see for yourself.  But do it in a new tab please.  I don’t want you to get so enthralled with your reading that you forget about me and can’t find your way back.  I’ll wait for you … Continue reading

Me, Myself, and I

If you’ve looked at my blog, well first of all, thank you.  Secondly, it’s obvious that I am new to this whole blogging thing.  Although I have started to publish posts (much gratitude to Daily Prompts), the site is still very much under construction or a WIP or whatever other trendy way there is of saying ‘not done’.

I’m getting a lot out of this experience.  I’m trying to be a better editor of my own words.  Read:  the delete and backspace keys are now allies.  I’m learning new things.  Read:  I put in HTML code without any of my kids helping me.   And I’m trying to extrovert the introverted side of me just a little.  Read:  it’s easier to do when a laptop is the venue.

On that note, I decided to write out some things about myself that do include but also go a bit beyond the basics.  There might even be some things on it that some of my family or friends don’t already know about me.

So enough of an introduction to an introduction.  Here is me, myself, and I wrapped up with a cool pic courtesy of the delightful pixabay.com website:

A 45 Pulled From The Jukebox Of My Life

Photo source:  Gerd Altmann on pixabay.com, CC0 public domain