I’m Grateful Thongs Make Me Cranky

Lots of things make me cranky.  Mostly the usual stuff.  And the odd thing that, well, perhaps don’t make so many others get all cantankerous and such like I can get.  One of those for me is thongs.  Yep, I’m talking underwear.  No nicey nicey slicey of apple pie kinda post from me today.  Except for the gratitude bit in it because you can throw gratitude into just about any post I think.

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Magazine Covers Cause Hospital Hysterics


My skin cancer tumour surgery # 2 was yesterday morning.  Arrive at the hospital with my chauffeuring niece, check in, get my wristband for the sold out show, and go sit and wait.  Was feeling a little nervous, resentful at having cancer, and worried about the ‘what ifs’ running through my head.  Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, whatever.  And then I glance at the table in front of me to see what magazines are available to distract my wandering mind and these are the three my eyes first land on …

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One Is Too Many, A Thousand Is Never Enough

The title of this post is something I hear on occasion around the church basements & meeting rooms I frequent on a regular basis to keep a really, really, REALLY bad habit from rearing its ugly face in my life again.  I broke that particular habit 16 years ago and God willing, I hope it stays broken for the rest of my life … one day at a time.

Now on to the other liquid substance I am fond of consuming … coffee.  And fond of collecting quotes about too.

Let me use my ever so refined self-justification skills to tell you why drinking an absurd amount of coffee is a positive habit.  Despite the fact my doctor, friends, and family all agree I drink way too much of the stuff.

1.  Scientific research shows there are plenty of health benefits to drinking coffee.  Won’t bore you with all of those fascinating facts, just Google it and you can find out for yourself what they are.  I hear these kinds of facts and figures often on the John Tesh Radio show I like to listen to so if John says it, I believe it.

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