She’s Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts


A have a friend.  Well, a few but today I’m going to write about just one of them.  We became friends 4 years ago when we were working at the same place.  I don’t know how it started, but somehow I began calling her ‘Lovely’ as a nickname.  And she is lovely to the uummpphh degree.

Her Instagram stuff is pretty lovely too.  I quite enjoy opening my feed and seeing a new post from her in there.  She sees things in everyday life through her lenses that I don’t see myself.  Until she points them out to me via her B&W photographs and their captions. Continue reading



No I’m not going to talk about the Bates-Jensen Wound Assessment Tool or the Blue Water Area Transit system.  I guess I might be referencing a Bunny With A Toolbelt slightly.  But what I’m really writing about today is my BWAT:   Besty With A Testy.

Most of my life, I’ve had more close friends who were male than female.  And if I were to pass anytime soon, my male friend count would likely outnumber my female friend count at my funeral.  I’ve had times where I’ve felt a little odd about this fact.  Not really sure why though.  Maybe just because it isn’t the “norm.”  But heck, what parts of my life do fit in the mould?  Not too many.
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It’s His Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

A friend of mine has a very serious health condition.  He’s had it for some time but has been able to live life with it relatively on the norm.  It took a turn for the worse recently and the outlook was not good.  Hearing this news was the last time I was moved to tears over something sad.

His doctor wanted him to try a certain medication that, although still very new, was showing promising results.  The challenge:  qualifying to be eligible to receive the drug. About 6 weeks ago, I received a text from him saying he was approved and the pills were being sent by courier.  Reading his message was the last time I was moved to tears over something beautiful.

This was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt.  It’s my friend’s birthday today.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I am blessed to have you in my world dear friend.  I wish you a very happy new year of your life.

Photo source:  April Marai,