I’m Grateful Thongs Make Me Cranky

Lots of things make me cranky.  Mostly the usual stuff.  And the odd thing that, well, perhaps don’t make so many others get all cantankerous and such like I can get.  One of those for me is thongs.  Yep, I’m talking underwear.  No nicey nicey slicey of apple pie kinda post from me today.  Except for the gratitude bit in it because you can throw gratitude into just about any post I think.

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I’m A Fashionista. Well, Of Sorts.

Let’s start with some definitions of fashionista why don’t we …

Merriam-Webster:  a designer, promoter, or follower of the latest fashions

Dictionary.com:  a very fashionable person, especially one who works in the fashion industry

Cambridge:  someone who works in or writes about the fashion industry

No, dear readers, I know I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while now, but I’m still the jeans’n’tshirt kinda gal I was before.  I haven’t turned into a fashionista as defined above.  So if you came across this post because you were looking for a good read on high fashion, you won’t find it here.  I know nuttin’ ’bout it.

What I do however know a little somethin’ somethin’ about is me.  And my mental health.  Or lack thereof as the case has been since I last wrote on this blog.  So if you substitute the word fashion in the above definitions for the words mental health, here’s what you get.  Or more correctly what I get since I’m the one switching things up around here …  Continue reading

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Apart from some teen angst filled years of craving fitting in and holding my status within one of the popular crowds, I’ve otherwise not been concerned much with fashion.  I wear what I like, what’s comfortable, what’s practical, and what I think looks at least a quarter decent on me (regardless of what my kids say).  And of course what is within my current clothing allowance budget because hey, I’m frugal [read: cheap] and I like it that way.

I didn’t get the gene a lot of others of my gender got in their DNA makeup.  I generally don’t like shopping for clothes.  In fact, at times I despise it.  It can be a real pain in the butt, literally and figuratively, having to try on 10 pairs of jeans trying to find ones that fit my petite stature, don’t pinch where I don’t want them to pinch (which is everywhere), and that aren’t so low-waisted that my muffin tops spill over.

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Is There An Otto Titsling Theme Out There?

WARNING TO DA BOYS:  This post contains explicit mention of ladies undergarments.  But in a hum-drum practical kinda way, sorry.

I like my blog theme.  Haven’t used it to its full functionality yet, I’m a newbie so still learning.  What I didn’t like was looking for it.  It was an arduous, time-consuming, and overwhelming task.  Until I got my tech-savvy 20 yr old daughter to help.  Then it was easy.  I gave her a wish list from my window shopping of other sites I liked, and made her go find the right one for me.  I’ll likely change it one day but for now I am quite content with it.

The assignment for Day 5 in Blogging 101 is to Love Your Theme:   try out 3+ other themes including one you would never use.  Okay, I will just because I try to be a good student.  But not until after I get over the stress it causes me to even think about going through the process again, especially without my kid around.  Knowing me, I’ll adopt the theme I don’t like, mess up my settings, and lose posts.

Thinking about the assignment though reminded me of another task I don’t like to do, but must on occasion:  shop for a new bra.  Did reading that make you squint your eyes and raise your eyebrows?  Here’s how I see some similarities …
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