Just Heard: Cass County by Don Henley

Okay, so I didn’t hear all of Cass County but still.  I heard enough to know I love it and will be buying it.  ASAP.

I don’t commit to buying music easily anymore.  Used to in my younger years when I would spend much of my paper delivery monies, allowance, or even real job paycheques on buying 8-tracks or cassettes.  But now I do a lot of ‘window shopping’ for music through radio stations, SiriusXM, and Rdio.com.  And I save up my hard-earned money to hear it live, going to several concerts a year and some music festivals too.  But it takes something that touches my heart, blows my mind, or sweeps me off my feet to get me to invest in a CD or vinyl.  Gee, seems like my relationship with music has mirrored my relationships with men over the years.  Interesting sidebar note to self there.

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