I Ain’t Got No Couth


According to The Emily Post Institute, there are 15 pieces to a formal table setting.  And look – there are count ’em, FOUR forks in it!  Or is that thingy to the far right of the plate not a fork contraption???



My mama and my god-mother, bless their souls, tried to teach me the semantics of proper setting of the dinner table.  They were raised in the 30’s and 40’s and that was just what they did back then.  I hope they somehow have now managed to rest in peace that while I may have memorized it well enough to visually pull it off, gosh forbid that I ever actually remembered what to do with any of it all or which order it all should be used in.  Or any other proper dining etiquette beyond the basic P’s & Q’s and remembering to NOT tuck my napkin in at my neck and into my bra to catch spills. Continue reading

Mississippi, Here’s Your Wake Up Call


Reveille is a traditional military drum or bugle signal used to awaken the troops and get them ready for assembly.  It’s a derivative of the French word réveiller.  Here in Canada, French is one of our two official languages.  We’re cool like that.  We even have some good chuckles about it at times.  Mississippi has only one official language – English.  But I wouldn’t know it from all of the discriminatory language I see in some of their legislative documents.  That is NOT a laughing matter. Continue reading

If Your _____ Was A Bar: Part I

I subscribe to a weekly email called “This Week on TED.com”.  It’s kinda like my ‘Reader’ if you will for TED Talks, my virtual food court in the mall of life.  Browsing the talks is like roaming through the food court, pausing at the booths and tables and hightop counters and eavesdropping on the conversations.  It could be two teen girls philosophizing about true love, a businessman having an ‘ah-ha’ moment solving his company’s fiscal challenge, or an elder reminiscing about the good ‘ole days.

In my most recent email from Ted Talks, one of the featured talks started its intro out like this:

What can a young woman with an idea,
an internet connection and a bit of creativity achieve?

Continue reading