3 Clues For A Crossword Puzzle About Me

If I ever make a crossword puzzle about myself, here are three possible clues for the first word:

Clue 1:  to elude or thwart by or as if outwitting

Clue 2:  to deviate from Hoyle

Clue 3:  author of this blog post

And the solution would be:     cheater

There, I’ve admitted it on the world wide web.  And my own kids don’t even know it.

It just started last night after I installed a couple of crossword puzzle games onto my phone.  I had been thinking about crossword puzzles ever since I wrote a list of 45 things about me for my About page.  One of them, #27, had been bothering me and I decided to do something to see if I could change it.  The thing about me in reference here is:
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