I Was Instagram-Worthy


Despite the fact that my kids are 15, 21, and 24, I still make them do Santa lists every year.  And they know when the deadline for them is: the day of the Toronto Santa Claus parade in mid-November.

Last year, my middle one was really struggling to pull together some ideas for me.  How a 21-yr old young lady, going to university in Toronto, living in a shared apartment with three of her friends, with a very busy social life, and with big plans for her future could NOT be able to pass on some things she wanted/needed dumbfounded me.  So in late November I went in to Toronto to both visit her and get some other Christmas shopping done.  While we were having lunch, I asked her again about her Santa list.  She finally gave me a response … Continue reading

‘Tis The Season!

Get the tinsel out, hang the wreath on the door, put up some mistletoe … it’s Christmas in July!

That’s right folks, it’s one of my favourite days of the year, next to Christmas in December of course.  The big day is only 5 months away now, or 23 weeks less a day, or … see for yourself just how close it is here at one of my top bookmarks!

And while yes, it may be a bit away yet, the messages of Christmas apply year-round:

Kindness   ♥   Charity   ♥   Love   ♥   Celebration   ♥   Sharing   ♥   Peace   ♥   Joy

Here is a list of things many of us traditionally do over the holiday season, but that ALL of us can do at any time of the year … including NOW!

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