She’s Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts


A have a friend.  Well, a few but today I’m going to write about just one of them.  We became friends 4 years ago when we were working at the same place.  I don’t know how it started, but somehow I began calling her ‘Lovely’ as a nickname.  And she is lovely to the uummpphh degree.

Her Instagram stuff is pretty lovely too.  I quite enjoy opening my feed and seeing a new post from her in there.  She sees things in everyday life through her lenses that I don’t see myself.  Until she points them out to me via her B&W photographs and their captions. Continue reading

Avoid Future Chaos – Get A Mammogram.


It’s the 3rd most wonderful time
of the year!  My Mammo time!

(1st is Christmas of course, only 32 weeks and 6 days to go.  And 2nd is back to school time, glorious.)



I’m going to be talking about boobs, mine for the most part, but boobs in general too.  I don’t have an abundance of boobs, but I do have lots to say about them.  Their health specifically.  So if you want to pass on this post and go on to the next one in your Reader, I’m cool with that.  However … if you have a woman in your life you love, you might want to read on.  Doing so might help you help her one day. Continue reading