Songs: Words In Motion

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“Music should come crashing out of your speakers and grab you, and the lyrics should challenge whatever preconceived notions that listener has.”

Lou Reed, 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee

The first two definitions beside the image above come from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  The last one, well, I made it up.  It’s a phrase that’s been rolling around my mind for some time now.  I never knew why, it never had any meaning or relevance attached to it, it was just four words that often found themselves together in my mind.

When I started to set up this blog it occurred to me to use it as a menu or category or something that would let me explore the phrase further.  I’m a huge music lover so I knew it would be a part of this site, in more ways than one.  I view my life as a motion picture and songs provide the soundtrack for it.  Music is also the #1 source of inspiration for my writing.  All of the chapters of my book have titles and quotes that come from a song.

In this section, you will find links to music I enjoy in Just Heard.  And over in Lyrics I Love, you’ll find just that – snipits of words put together by some really awesome writers of song.  Have posted a few themed Playlists so check those out too.  Finally, I’ve just ventured started to write an eclectic sort of lyrical prose in Stolen Words, would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Here are a few of my favourite music quotes that I thought were fitting for this page …

“Poetry and lyrics are very similar.  Making words bounce off a page.”   ∼   Taylor Swift, namesake of James Taylor

“My lyrics are generated by various peculiar processes.  Very random and similar to automatic writing.”   ∼   Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, aka Brian Eno

“I never wrote music or arranged songs or lyrics when I was under the influence of anything but coffee.”   ∼   Chris Cornell, sous-chef

Here’s to inspired & inspiring listening and reading.

Photo source:  Dieter_G on, CC0 public domain

2 thoughts on “Songs: Words In Motion

  1. I love this post – awesome quotes! It was particularly fun to see Tony Orlando & Dawn on your playlist. They were my one of my earliest favorites (i.e., obsessions – I had all their albums by 5th grade lol)…it made me smile ;o)

    Liked by 1 person

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