How Breaking Bad Breaks My Bad

Let’s start off with a little mad science why don’t we …


I will not be held responsible for damages to self, relationships, or property due to not following the directions.


Step 1:  Go find yourself a COLD beverage and a straw, a water bottle with a sippy kinda lid on it, or something that you can take liquid into your mouth with.  I highly recommend using water.  Now go position yourself over a sink or head outside where the only thing in front of you is the ground.

Step 2:  Take a sip of your COLD beverage and swallow.  Easy right?

Step 3:  Take the deepest breath you can and blow out with an open and pursed mouth, as if you were trying to blow up a balloon.  Also simple yes?

Step 4:  Repeats Steps 2 and 3 … but … AT THE SAME TIME.  Any success?  And no, success for this experiment is not defined as spewing water all over your significant other or frying the battery in your laptop.  I warned you above remember.


Unless you’re an infant under the age of 9 months whose voice box hasn’t descended yet, chances are you couldn’t do it.  Humans are the only primates who can’t ingest food or liquids and breathe at the same time.  Cool fact eh?  (I can use that word, I’m Canadian)

What isn’t so cool is that sometimes life sucks.  I’m sure we could all fill the comments below with examples of a day in the life of that really sucked.  But we’re not gonna do that today okay?

What we are going to do is remember that we have choices.  Remember that responding to life is more productive and successful than reacting to it.  Remember that a day is simply a set of 24 hours, and we can ‘re-start’ our day at any time.  And we are going to remember to breathe.  Because we can’t breathe and injest the suckiness of life at the same time.  (Yes, suckiness is yet another word I have made up for my own editorial benefit.  A dictionary will credit me someday.)


But what does the show Breaking Bad have to do with all of this?

This quote is what.  A quote from Walter White’s character talking about the suckiness of his life.  A quote that breaks my bad by reminding me that I can choose my approach to life, sucky or otherwise.


All right, I’ve got the talking pillow now.  Okay?  We all, in this room, we love each other.  We want what’s best for each other, and I know that.  I am very thankful for that.  But what I want, what I need, is a choice.

Sometimes, I feel like I never actually make any of my own.  Choices, I mean.

My entire life, it just seems I never, you know, had a real say about any of it.  Now this last one – cancer – all  I have left is how I choose to approach this.”


From the 5th episode of Breaking Bad:   “Gray Matter”


And as Walter also said:

“Cheer up beautiful people – this is where you get to make it right.”


I am choosing to re-start my set of 24 hours right now.  I am choosing to be positive, grateful, and kind.

Beautiful people out there – what will you do to make it right?  What will you choose for the reset of your day?


Featured image:   BagoGames user on, CC 2.0 Generic


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


8 thoughts on “How Breaking Bad Breaks My Bad

  1. Why does it sometimes take a life-changing thing to make us change? I used to be a borderline workaholic. Then the cancer diagnosis, months out of work due to the cancer and I rethought all my priorities. And work wasn’t one of them. I have more patience and more time for the people and the things that really. The work? There are other people who picked up my slack while I was out and continue on while I am back. Life is good. I am really enjoying it. Good post, great reminder, Marianne.

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  2. @ 101,000 miles I sit here in the Subaru dealer’s reading of suckiness (underlined in red), by my friend from Guelph. A beautiful Basilica in your city by the way. No suckiness there. I tip my hat to you. Positivity shall get us through the day. Peace!

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    • Haha, I can almost picture it old crow (I say that with love of course). Correct re: our basilica. My son is fortunate enough to be moving next week from my place to downtown where he’ll be able to see it every day.
      Peace and positivity right back at you my friend … Marianne


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