Stolen Words: Is This Love?


Stolen Words are my compilations of lyrics used to make a new piece of prose of sorts.  The lyrics are ‘stolen’ from the songs I hear while listening to SiriusXM.

I have been trying to write a piece about the mass shooting in Orlando since Monday.  I was attempting to stay focused on the positives like love and acceptance, maybe even forgiveness.  I was trying to avoid the negatives running around in my mind like anger and fear.  But as I listened and stole the lyrics, I realized two pieces were emerging.  One coming from the brighter side of my heart, one coming from the darkness in my mind.  So I decided to surrender to my own internal battle and let both pieces have a voice.

A problem shared is a problem halved.  Let us therefore continue to share our thoughts and feelings on the problem, even if they are difficult words to find and to use.  Let’s open up the lines of communication.  Let us all speak of peace, love, and understanding.  Perhaps together our voices can mute both the words and the actions of hate.  By doing that, maybe we’ll even find ourselves halfway closer to the solution.

Below is the first of the two I wrote, the darker one.  And here is the second piece, the brighter one.


Stolen Words:   Is This Love?

Listen my friends  –  Omaha, Moby Grape
Sirens scream and lovers moan  –  Short Side Of Nothing, Los Lobos
And cries were cutting like knives in a fist fight  –  Carry On, fun.
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles  –  500 Miles, Cliff Eberhardt

Of someone close to you leaving the game of life  –  Silent Lucidity, Queensryche

I thought of you and where you’d gone  –  World Spins Madly On, Weepies
You’ve been taken by the wind  –  By Way Of Sorrow, Cry Cry Cry
In the wind are names of poets past, some were friends of yours and mine  –  Traveling Kind, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
And the eagle flies with the dove  –  Love The One You’re With, Stephen Stills

Connecting baby your heart to mine  –  The Ties That Bind, Bruce Springsteen

I’ve got guns in my head and they won’t go  –  Spirits, The Strumbellas
There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware  –  For What It’s Worth, Buffalo Springfield
Psycho killer, qu’est-ce que c’est?  –  Psycho Killer, Talking Heads
Who draws the lines that separate good from evil?  –  Stand Up For It, Brett Dennen

Sometimes truth is hard to find  –  Ode To A Broken Heart, The Once

Call it what it is, murder  –  Call It What It Is, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Masquerading as a man with a reason  –  Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas
Some people ain’t no damn good  –  Crumblin’ Down, John Mellencamp
You got mud on yo’ face, you big disgrace  –  We Will Rock You, Queen

He’s been shot down to the ground  –  Machine Gun, Jimi Hendrix

Look at me, I’m in tatters, I’m shattered, shattered  –  Shattered, Rolling Stones
And I’m fractured from the fall  –  Two, Ryan Adams & Sheryl Crow
And I’s feeling nearly as faded as my jeans  –  Me & Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin
We were victims of the night  –  Shut Up And Dance, Walk The Moon

I can’t turn my head away, seeing all these things  –  The World Is Going Up In Flames, Charles Bradley

I’m thinking out loud  –  Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran
Thinkin’ some words I can’t name, ya  –  Walk Away, James Gang
But I’m tired of holding this inside my head  –  Fallin’ For You, Colbie Caillat
Oh no, I’ve said too much, I haven’t said enough  –  Losing My Religion, R.E.M.

Shadows shake in the lamplight, no writer could explain  –  When The Daylight Comes, Ian Hunter

What happened to “All You Need Is Love”?  –  Golden Days, Graham Nash
Oh mirror in the sky, what is love?  –  Landslide, Fleetwood Mac
Will it be enough?  –  Rainbow, Robert Plant
Sometimes I think it’s better to never ask why  –  Try, Pink

Did you ever think that love would be in need of love today?  –  Love’s In Need Of Love Today, The Sachal Ensemble

I pray for you now  –  What You Are, Dave Matthews
Well a few of the verses, they’ve got me quite cross  –  Your Song, Elton John
I pray for patience but they make me want to melt their face away  –  Live Your Life, T. I. & Rihanna
But I’ve been sending up prayers and something’s changed  –  Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah), Andy Grammar

I hear the sound of a gentle word  –  Good Vibrations, Beach Boys

Bitterness keeps you from flyin’, always stay humble and kind  –  Humble And Kind, Tim McGraw
No offense to you, don’t waste your time, here’s why  –  Happy, Pharrell
You keep carrin’ that anger, it’ll eat you up inside  –  The Heart Of The Matter, Don Henley
Got a whole lotta reasons to be mad, let’s not pick one  –  Ain’t No Man, Avett Brothers

The tears come down again – Crazy Love, Poco

You, who are on the road must have a code that you can live by  –  Teach Your Children, Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Yeah, you know what I’m talking ’bout  –  Fire, Jimi Hendrix
Speak out, you got to speak out against the madness  –  Long Time Gone, Ruthie Foster with Blind Boys Of Alabama
‘Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major  –  7 Years, Lukas Graham

The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat. The revolution will be live.  –  The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Gil Scott-Heron

The cards are on the table, the deal is up and gone  –  Out The Door, The Mavericks
I wanna be your brother, I wanna be your mother and your sister too  –  I Wanna Be Your Lover, Prince
So I throw my cards on your table  –  Is This Love, Bob Marley & The Wailers
It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do  –  I Only Want To Be With You, Shelby Lynne

Imagine all the people living life in peace  –  Imagine, John Lennon

‘Til the world I look out at this world and see,
Is the world I know this world can be,
You have a volunteer in me,
Now come on  –  World In Motion, Pops Staples

I consider it a challenge before the whole human race, and I ain’t gonna lose  –  We Are The Champions, Queen

There is a time, a time to love
A time to sing, a time to shine
A time to leave, a time to stay

There is a time, a time to cry
A time to love, a time to live
There is a time, a time to sing

A time to love  –  There Will Be Time, Mumford and Sons


Featured image:   Christopher Dorobek user on, CC2.0 Generic

Listen to music.  It could save your soul.  Be kind.  It could save someone’s world.  Wear a hat.  It could save your life.


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