Want More Struggles In Your Life?


Okay, I suspect the answer is thanks but no thanks, I already have enough struggles in my life.  Well, if that’s the case, fine.  Thank you for your politeness but I’m gonna give you a few more anyway.  They might make you scream and pull even more precious hairs out of your head.  If you have any hair that is of course.  And heck, some of you might even thank me for them later on.


Give Me The Finger (no, not THAT finger silly!)

Put either hand down flat, on a flat surface.  Bend only your middle finger so it’s kinda tucked under your palm, leaving the other fingers and your thumb as they are.  Can you do it?  Great.  But that’s not the hard part.

Keeping your hand in the above position, try lifting just your thumb.  Now try lifting just your index finger (the one beside the thumb).  And now just your pinkie.  Can do all those too?  Awesome.  So can most people though.

Now … try lifting your ring finger (beside pinkie).  Can you do that???

Nope, neither can I.  And this is why.


Synchronized Air Swimming

Sit on a chair.  Lift your right leg in the air and make clockwise circles with it.  Can you?  Yep, so can I.

Now keep doing that and also lift your right arm into the air and try to make the number 6 with it.  Can you do that too?  Sure, I can too.  BUT … did you notice that your leg started to change direction while you were doing it?

So try it again and try really really really hard not to let your leg change direction.  Are you a synchronized air swimmer with your right arm and right leg?

Neither am I.  Here’s why.


Give Them ‘The Look’.  But Oppositely.

If you’re a parent like me, you probably have a look that your kids know means trouble.  For them of course.  Like when they’re fighting with each other, forgot to take the garbage out, or gosh forbid asked you for money for something.

My look tends to involve the raising of just my left eyebrow, along with a slight tilting of my head forward, down, and to the right.  My oldest is 24 so I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Can you raise just one eyebrow like me?  Terrific – we’re parenting cohorts in the minority!  Most folks can’t lift one eyebrow at a time.

But I can’t do it oppositely.  Meaning I can’t do the whole head tilt thing but to the left, while at the same time raising only my right eyebrow.  Can you just raise your other eyebrow???

No link for why I/we can’t, you can Google that yourself this time.  But here’s a link to how you can train yourself to raise just one eyebrow at a time.  Just in case you noticed your kid didn’t replace the toilet paper – AGAIN!, and you’re waiting for them to come home from school.  You’ll be ready for them this time.


Back to those folks who might actually thank me now for this post …

Do you have some challenges your facing in your life today?  Yeah, me too and they can be pretty bloody awful some days.

Did you forget about them just for a minute or two while you read this post?   Yeppers, I forgot about mine too while I was writing it.

And that was the whole intent of this silly piece anyway you know.  Just a good gentle reminder for any who care to have it that when we think about positive, fun, and yes even silly things, it distracts our minds.  It’s like a breath of fresh air to refuel us with new life and energy to actually go on and cope with, deal with, or even solve the problems of our day.

I have a few ‘go to’ videos on YouTube I visit when I need to do this.  Here’s one of my favourites.  It’s old so you may have seen it before too but I know I can’t get through the short 1 minute and 4 seconds of it without starting to laugh.  And laughter is the best medicine in my not-so-humble opinion.



In response to today’s Daily Prompt – Struggle

Image source:   superhua user on flickr.com, CC2.0 Generic

Listen to music.  It could save your soul.  Be kind.  It could save someone’s world.  Wear a hat.  It could save your life.


54 thoughts on “Want More Struggles In Your Life?

  1. Please AND Thank you very much! Very much, very much, very much! Excellent read, write and distraction! Love love love this! Oops sorry, must have my echo brain running this a.m. 😋
    You never disappoint!

    Kind Regards and left eyebrow raised with head tilt – K 😘

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