5′ 4.5″ Above Ground

I survived the sounds of at least half a dozen dogs barking loudly around 6 am this morning.
I am grateful that I have ears to hear them.  And that I got back to sleep.

I survived the thump thump bang bang of my 15 yr old daughter getting herself off to school.
I am grateful that I have been blessed with the gift of having and raising 3 children.  And that I got back to sleep, again.

I survived the long journey down the stairs with eyes half closed.
I am grateful I have legs to walk with and eyes to see with, even if only partially at times.  And a stair railing to hold on to in the mornings.

I survived making a pot of coffee with eyes still only half open.
I am grateful there is food and coffee in my kitchen and electricity to power the coffee pot and the job I have to pay for those kinds of things.  And that I remembered to buy cream yesterday.

I survived another night and upon getting out of bed, found myself at least 5′ 4.5″ above ground instead of 6″ below it.
I am grateful for another day to live.  And that I didn’t fall out of bed with my half closed eyes.




If Star Wars can stay alive, I think I’ve got a decent shot at it too.  Heck, Leia even became a General.  I don’t have any buns as decor for my head, but I sure know how to kick some butt when I need to.  And a few people have called me a princess in my lifetime.  Maybe there’s hope for me yet.


May the force of life and gratitude
awaken in you all today.


In response to today’s Daily Prompt:  Survival

Listen to music.  It could save your soul.  Be kind.  It could save someone’s world.  Wear a hat.  It could save your life.


13 thoughts on “5′ 4.5″ Above Ground

  1. Every day I am grateful. Today marks the 17th straight day of measurable precipitation, I could be more grateful with some sun. ‘The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar.” Ah, music to my ears and if it does my hat will be on Marianne.

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  2. As I glance upon the foam, forty feet beneath my feet… This song just immediately came to mind. 40′, by Franz Ferdinand, if someone’s wondering. I personally am happy that my ears survive the constant music from my headphones…

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  3. I agree it is always good to be grateful to God. Reading the rest of this blog post reminded me of when I lived somewhere years ago, where there was a boarded up house next door, and cats used to gather there sometimes during the night, on the brick wall infront of it, and all have a sing song for ages. I happen to really love cats, and animals in general but it did annoy me a bit at the time ha ha. I remember seeing an old cartoon years later that had a man throw a boot outside at the fence where a bunch of cats were singing facing the moon. It made me laugh to remember how loud those cats were where I lived, and how long they went on for. Your half a dozen dogs barking early in the morning reminded me of that 🙂


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