Morgan Freeman asks: Who’s On First?

So who is on first?  Is it God?  Allah?  Buddha?  Someone or something else?  Or maybe their name is simply Who.

Abbott & Costello initially made the Who’s On First question famous with their baseball sketch in the 1930’s, the same decade that Morgan Freeman was born.  Now in a new century, Freeman is essentially asking the same question in the National Geographic series, “The Story Of God”.

I watched the one-hour series premiere last night.  The first episode was called Beyond Death.  Within minutes, I was moved to tears.  I was moved in so many other ways too.  Case in point – the 3 pages of typed notes I took while watching, several more pages of thoughts crossing my mind after the episode, and the start of a few posts for here.  I have a hunch I may be writing more about this all in the days to come.

Yesterday was another noteworthy season opener.  Three games started the 2016 season of Major League Baseball in North America, and there will be another 11 match-ups today.  On Sunday, my local team the Toronto Blue Jays, opened their season with Chris Colabello on first base.  In future games, it could be Edwin Encarnación or Justin Smoak on first.  The dates will advance, the opponents will vary, and the jersey numbers will change.  But the position will remain the same:  first baseman.  And the position of the team will remain the same as well:  their belief that he can do the job.  They will trust him, respect him, and have faith that he will be there for the team in both losses and in wins.

So back to the question … who’s on first?

Does it really matter what the answer to this somewhat rhetorical question is?  OR … is what truly matters the belief in the person, whoever he or she may be at any given moment in time?  Or not to be for that matter.  To be or not to be.  Another infamous question.

My personal opinion is that it’s the beliefs.  So I guess my answer to the question is that their name is in fact Who.  The alias name for Who in my life is God.  The alias for you could be something different.  And that includes Nothing.  For a belief in Nothing is still a belief in something.  Again, it’s the actual belief that matters.

I realize not all of us across the world have freedom of beliefs, religious or otherwise.  That saddens me.  I am grateful to live in a country where I do have those freedoms.  My hopes and prayers are that all of us one day will be protected by the fundamental rights as noted in Article 18 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

And may all of us also be protected by the above noted freedom to change our beliefs.  Heck, Abbott and Costello never answered their own question quite exactly the same each time they performed.  Their routine varied as it was done in an atmosphere of improvisation.  So may all of our individual beliefs be held within the same.  May we always be free to use our intuition, follow our stream of consciousness, and find answers to our life questions ‘on the fly’.

Now let’s play ball.  Together.
Regardless of who’s on first.

Morgan Freeman quotes …

All you have to do is believe.  Then you will see everything.  –  The Lego Movie

The whole purpose of life is to pass on what was learned.  –  Lucy

Circumstances have taught me that a man’s ethics are the only possessions he will take beyond the grave.  –  Moll Flanders

We sink, we swim, we rise, we fall, we meet our fate together.  –  Lean On Me

You want to see a miracle, son?  Be the miracle.  –  Bruce Almighty

I think it is the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain.  –  Shawshank Redemption

Image source:   National Geographic Channel – Australia


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


23 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman asks: Who’s On First?

  1. For me, it’s all in the belief of something greater than myself. Sometimes that believe is the stars, or the moon, or God, or the Feminist Movement, or the ocean, or my love for my daughter. So yes, Marianne, BELIEF! What a wonderful thing to ponder on this Monday. How grateful and lucky I am that I live in a time and place where I can say that in public and be safe. This is what I wish for everyone. Thanks for the post. Have a beautiful day!

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    • You are very welcome LuAnne. There will be 6 episodes total, so 5 more to go, all in the next coming 5 Sunday nights. If you don’t have the NatGeo channel, you may be able to view it via their website or there are already videos of it on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am! Marianne

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  2. So your post made me go find the trailer and watch it. It does look like an interesting film. I would be curious to see how the film connects all religions into one story like the trailer says. The attempt to connect all religions into one story sounds like universalism (but I can’t be sure since I didn’t watch the actual film). Though there are lots of people who find universalism attractive, the adherents of the major religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) would reject the claim that all religions are the same. Either way, it looks like an interesting film and probably a good series in order to at least be exposed to different faiths. . . and I just love that man’s voice.

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    • Yes I’m eager to see more of the interconnecting thoughts too. Ep 1 did cover a half dozen or so religions and I did see mention of a number more in the other episode trailers. Should be very interesting and thought provoking for many I’m sure. Hope you get to watch the full episodes. If nothing else, to hear more of his voice which I so dearly love too! 🙂
      Thanks for the visit Lonna. Hope you’re having a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne

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  3. I enjoyed this far-reaching post. A&C to MF & God was quite a stretch but I loved making that journey with you.
    I was already recording the series as the subject interests me, too. The narrator, who often portrays Who or God or the President, was an added attraction for me. The gravitas of his voice and his mere presence are awe-inspiring, or maybe just demonstrate what makes him such a good actor?
    Also, from one baseball fan to another, happy start of the very long and leisurely season. This also describes the pace of the games generally, so appropriate for long, hot summers, don’t you think?
    I’m a lifelong Dodgers fan; my sister and I were raised on it growing up in the L.A. area. We both still bleed Dodger blue, though we both now live in Tennessee, and will greatly miss Vin Scully. This is the last season he will be the team’s broadcaster, after 60 or so years I think, even moving out west with them from Brooklyn. Vin’s voice is also full of imagery and comfort for me, like Morgan’s. Unfortunately, I have no who plays first base now for my beloved Boys in Blue, those Boys of Summer.

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    • Yeah, it was a bit of an adventure I went on eh? Glad you enjoyed the journey with me.
      Like Freeman, Scully for sure has one of “those” voices I agree. Wouldn’t matter if either of them were speaking in another language. We would still somehow know what they were talking about I think.
      Anyway, thanks for the visit and the great memory-filled note. Hope you’re having a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne

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