I Can See Clearly Now. But Not For Long.


Snow should be a four-letter word.  Oh yeah, it is already.  I can carry on …

It’s snowing right now in my part of the world  =  Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  Started a few hours ago and we’re in for between 15-20 cm by tomorrow morning.  [That’s about 6-8 inches for you non-Imperial measuring folks.]

I thought the saying was:

April showers bring May flowers???


Maybe it should be …

April snow brings May mistletoe?  Ooppss, wrong month.   But the big day is only 38 weeks from today.  Just in case anyone was wondering.

April snow brings May tornadoes?  Nope, can’t do that either.  We already had a couple of those in this region last month.  March.  Earliest ever on record they say.

April snow brings May backhoes?  Yep, that will work.  They’ll be needed to dig up the still-frozen ground from the snowstorms this month so folks can plant the flowers that, if they’re lucky, might bloom in June.


So despite my song pick for this post, nope, I won’t be seeing clearly soon.  Glad I’m home for the day and off tomorrow so I can stay in my jammies and chill it out.  Good night to watch the premiere of Morgan Freeman’s new documentary on the National Geographic channel tonight, “The Story of God”.  Ohhh how I love that man’s voice.

Oh yeah, tonight I also really should express a little gratitude to the God of my understanding for having sight to watch the show at all.  If Ray Charles can do an outstanding cover of Johnny Nash’s tune and the man is blind, then I should at least be able to appreciate my vision.  Even if I don’t appreciate the snow at the moment.

Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


18 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now. But Not For Long.

  1. You seemed to like this prompt, all kinds of verses are crowding your mind. Listen we are expecting the white stuff too, so Hurrah for us all. Enjoy the white stuff, ‘Ha Ha!’ 🙂

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  2. I resonate with everything you wrote in this post, Marianne. In April, s-n-o-w is the wrong kind of four letter word. We had some yesterday too, along with wind and rain. I also would like to see the National Geo special. Sounds fantastic, but we don’t get that channel unfortunately.

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    • I can’t tell you enough great things about the NatGeo special Carolyn. I have been moved and inspired in soooo many ways. Have 3 pages of notes I typed while watching it plus a couple more pages of my own thoughts after it. Maybe you can find a friend who has the channel and can record it for you? It truly is very special. Marianne


  3. We are apparently waiting for the “polar vortex” here in Ottawa. I hate that term. Really, no snow yet (unless in the last hour – I haven’t looked out). It’s just cold. But I can still wear running shoes outside, so not like, Canadian winter cold. More like, “we should be done with this by now and I’m pushing back my summer tire appointment” cold.

    May Guelph be sunny and warm soon and bring Ottawa along with it!

    Didn’t know Ray Charles had covered this – thanks for sharing!

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