New Theme Revealed. Finally.

After many, many, MANY hours goofing around on a test site to experiment with different themes, widgets, colours, etc I have finally taken the plunge and changed things up around here.  No more concealing for me.  Still working out some of the finer details and double-checking for broken links or anything else that isn’t quite up to par yet.

If you catch anything that isn’t working quite right, please let me know in the comments below.  Any and all feedback appreciated – positive, constructive, neutral.  I do see some hyperlinked spots are a bit faint, have to backtrack and reteach myself how to fix that and then will work on making those more readable.

Welcome to the refreshed along the side of the road.  I hope you enjoy the new view.

Along the side of the road …
always the sunny side of the street.


Image source:   Ron Mader user on, CC2.0 Generic


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


28 thoughts on “New Theme Revealed. Finally.

    • Thanks so much Camellia, happy to know you like it. And yes, there already has been and will be some more effort in the check and recheck, but was able to get a lot of it figured out before I switched by using a test site first, that helped tons. Thanks again … Marianne


  1. Congrats. I still get way too fed up with trying to make everything look good/right on my site, which I used as an excuse to not post anything for way too long. I’m taking the plunge with a daily challenge in April but still trying to get some technical help to do it “right.” Wouldn’t you know I couldn’t even get the post that describes my theme for this challenge to post on the page for which I’ve used the same title “Places of My Life?”

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    • Thanks for the note Hbsuefred. Yeah, I can relate tons to what you wrote, hence a recent almost 6 months vacay from blogging. Challenges do help though so stick with it. As for how our sites look, I think that’s a work in progress just like our writing. Just keep plugging away and seeking progress not perfection. Thanks again … Marianne


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