Stolen Words: Learning The Game

Stolen Words are my compilations of lyrics used to make a new piece of prose of sorts.  The lyrics are ‘stolen’ from the songs I hear while surfing my favourite channels on SiriusXM.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Stolen Words:  Learning The Game was inspired by the great folks over in the Commons during this past week while we took WordPress’ Commenting Bootcamp 101.

Special thanks go to Michelle Weber and Chrissie Pollock, our facilitators and engineers of happiness.  You guided us out of our personal comfort zones into a new comfort zone of commenting.  We made new connections with others that made our own blogging so much more rewarding.  Thank you both.

And a special shout-out goes to Aimee aka A Gramma’s Life from A Nenes Life.  Your comment in the Commons on Wednesday was what got me thinking about doing a Stolen Words post …

I like how these challenges get me out of my comfort zone!  I used to be that person who would read a post and then just move on to the next without leaving any type of “footprint”.  I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the interactions in dialogue with other bloggers on their site as well as on my own.  It makes me want to keep going back to their sites and find out what else has been happening!

… and today’s Daily Prompt just so happens to be Footsteps.  Kismet.

To my new acquaintances from the Commons … may we all find the melodies in our minds, hearts, and souls to create some real foot stompin’ music to leave footprints on each other’s journeys.  But, as we learned, to do it without stomping on each others feet!

Stolen Words:  Learning The Game

Well I woke up this morning, stumbled out of my rack  –  I Feel Lucky, Mary Chapin Carpenter
Now I’m just waking up and I’m not thinking clearly so don’t quote me  –  All Your Favorite Bands, Dawes
It might seem crazy what I’m about to say  –  Happy, Pharrell
I may not have the world to give to you but maybe I have a tune or two  –  If I Had The World To Give, Grateful Dead

Here’s a little world you can all join in with  –  You Can All Join In, Traffic
So jump on in, head over heels, and fall right in  –  Stop Look Listen, The Stylistics
Join the party and meet the rest  –  Be My Guest, Fats Domino
Come on everybody, we’re gonna have a good time  –  Foot Stompin’ Music, Grand Funk Railroad

Calling all artists, travelers of soul, do what you love and the world will follow  –  The World Will Follow, Andi Starr
And don’t you worry what the bitter hearts are gonna say  –  The Middle, Jimmy Eat World
Well, they blew the horns and the walls came down  –  Walls Came Down, Calexico
That’s when you’re learning the game  –  Learning The Game, Buddy Holly

Hush my darling, don’t fear my darling  –  The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Tokens
Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage  –  We May Never Pass This Way Again, Seals & Crofts
We don’t have to wait for destiny, we should be the change we wish to see  –  If You’re Out There, John Legend
High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man  –  Sowing The Seeds Of Love, Tears For Fears

It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work  –  Come From The Heart, Kathy Mattea
We live and love by the golden rule  –  Swinging School, Bobby Rydell
Love is the only transportation to where there’s total communication  –  If You’re Ready, Staple Singers
And love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night  –  Under Pressure, Queen & David Bowie

I’m gonna need someone to help me, I’m gonna need somebody’s hand  –  S.O.B., Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
I know a thing or two, and I learned from you, I really learned a lot, really learned a lot  –  Love Hurts, Nazareth
I got more than I could ask for  –  Some Kind Of Wonderful, Grand Funk Railroad
Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader  –  Cheerleader, Omi

There’s such a difference between us, and a million miles  –  Hello, Adele
I am everyday people, yeah, yeah  –  Everyday People, Sly & The Family Stone
Here I am stuck in the middle with you  –  Stuck In The Middle With You, Stealers Wheel
And I’m as happy as a clown  –  The Wanderer, Dion

Who in the hell d’you think you are, a super star, well right you are  –  Instant Karma, John Lennon
Congratulations, how good you must feel  –  Congratulations, Traveling Wilburys
Open up, everything’s waiting for you  –  Go Your Own Way, Fleetwood Mac
Anything you want, you got it  –  You Got It, Roy Orbison

And you don’t have to build a roller coaster to find your own way  –  Carpe Diem, Phineus & Ferb
Do what you want to do and go where you’re going to  –  Think For Yourself, The Beatles
The bare necessities of life will come to you  –  The Bare Necessities, Bowling For Soup
Now whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead  –  Whip It, Devo

Remember what we’ve said and done and felt about each other  –  Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Crosby Stills Nash & Young
‘Cause we belong together  –  My Life Would Suck Without You, Kelly Clarkson
Birds of a feather gotta stick together  –  Let The Good Times Roll, B. B. King
And there’s nothing you and I won’t do  –  Melt With You, Modern English

Is this to end or just begin  –  All My Love, Led Zeppelin
I wonder if I’ll ever see you again  –  Again, Lenny Kravitz
Well I’m on my way, I don’t know where I’m going  –  Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard, Paul Simon
See you later alligator, after ‘while crocodile  –  See You Later Alligator, Bill Haley & The Comets



Image source:   MIH83 user on, CC0 Public Domain



Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


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