Fearless? -OR- Less Fear?

There’s an old saying, if you have fear, you don’t have faith.  I don’t agree with that statement.

I have some fears, some rational and some, well not so much.  I have fears of public speaking, my children dying before I do, and very large snakes (like the 6-footer that jumped out from a pop machine in front of me as a child).  I am also afraid of driving behind an open flatbed transport fully loaded with cars, and those fire lantern pole thingys you see on patios or in backyards.

While I may tell myself I’m a little silly for some of the more unusual or low-risk fears, the others I think are legit, normal, and hey possibly even healthy.  I believe my fear of ever drinking again is a healthy one that, while it doesn’t drive my day-to-day existence, it does serve as a reminder why I quit drinking and why I maintain the desire to not drink.

I use my faith to help combat my fears.  When my daughter was in a very serious car accident, naturally I feared for her health and well-being.  When I was diagnosed with skin cancer, yeah I was scared poopless.  When I did a major career change, sure economic insecurity haunted me for awhile.  But for all, I tapped into my faith the best way I know how – connecting with others.

This post reminded me of a book I once read, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers.  I just Google’d it and landed on her website.  Her daily quote seems to be a fitting one:

The only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself.

George Bernard Shaw


It also reminded me of a song I dearly love, The Cape by Eric Bibb.  In it, he repeats a line several times that says:  always trust your cape.  For me, my cape is my faith.


What’s your take on fear?
Do you strive to be more fearless, or to be with less fear?
Do you have a cape in your life?  What or who is it?


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


15 thoughts on “Fearless? -OR- Less Fear?

    • The more honesty hurts is usually a sign of much it needed to come out, in my ever not-so-humble opinion of course!
      Beautiful post today Herb, it really touched me and although I know it is coming in part from your grief, I am happy to know your alzteam friends and your blogging friend over here inspired it. I would have made the same comment there but for some wacky reason it was only letting me like it, not comment on it, wouldn’t let me log in??? Anyway, thanks for sharing it with me. Although a tear or two started to appear in the corner of my eyes, at the very same time, it made me smile. Big hugs to you my friend … Marianne


      • Hey Marianne, @alongthesideoftheroad
        I thank you for your wonderful feedback. It truly helps. It is an honour and an amazement to me when my work touches someone.
        As to commenting on my blog, that, too, is SOMEthing! In the small type at the end of each blog there is a “leave a comment” phrase. Could you try that and see if it will let you through — if you have already tried that, let me know please. Thank you for being a friend here in the blogosphere. If and when I get to do my cross Canada, I will certainly look you up.


        • Hey Herb … I did try using the “leave a comment” spot. It told me I had to log in to leave one so I tried my WordPress username and password but no go. Tried a couple of times thinking it was odd it didn’t work.
          And but of course you WILL look me up when you DO travel to my part of the country. Only about a 45 min drive (in good traffic aka the middle of the night) from YYZ you know. 🙂


  1. My take on faith and fear is that my faith in God is what I turn to when fears, irrational or otherwise, try to take control of my life. I need to remind myself that God is in control, but I have to turn to him. “Let go and let God” can be a good mantra for those times.

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