Rich in friends

In order to share this delightful piece about friends, and to share with you a real gem of another WordPress blog we have to revel in, I am humbly reblogging this piece by Ngobesing Romanus at

May all of my readers be rich in friends, rich indeed.



My lovely fellow blogger Marianne, founder of the blog “Along the Side of the Road” found at inspired me through a comment on my site to write this poem:

Rich in friends

If you are rich in friends,
You are rich indeed;
If you are poor in friends,
You are poor indeed;
Friends are a treasure;
Friends are gold;
You can’t buy a true friend;
You get for free;
But their value is immense;
Have no gold;
Have no money;
Have no car or mansion;
But have a true friend;
And you are rich indeed;
The richest man in the world.
Rich in friends, rich indeed.

Thank you Marianne! Always throw nice words as you go along. You don’t know how far they can go. You can reblog this on your site so your friends may appreciate what your inspiration has done. Any other person is free to reblog…

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9 thoughts on “Rich in friends

  1. I would offer you the respectful counterthought that it can be equally productive to appreciate the solitude of being alone. I meditate every day in yoga and cannot share the experience with others. In reality , we have to love ourself before seeking others to love us.

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    • Absolutely, there is much richness to be felt through solitude, I agree. I am working on giving meditation another go right now actually to do more of just that, enjoying my own company.
      There are many kinds of riches to be experienced for certain. I think Ngobesing was just trying to highlight the blessings of finding such wealth in friendships over material wealth.
      Thanks for the visit and the note. Wishing you a kindness-filled kinda day … Marianne


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