Just Heard: Who’s Gonna Miss Me? by Loretta Lynn


Once again I have to give a shout out to SiriusXM for sharing wonderful new music with me, songs that I simply wouldn’t hear for some time, if at all, if I simply relied on the presets on my car radio, half of which are reserved for the music(?) inklings of my 15-year old daughter.  My favourite channel on Sirius is the Loft and some of my best listening hours there are when I’m tuned in to their “In Spite Of All The Danger” sessions which showcase new music from a variety of genres.  Ironically, I’m listening to that show as I’m writing this post.  It was on the “Danger” show as they call it, that I first heard one of the songs from Loretta Lynn’s new album, Full Circle.  Found myself on Sirius’s Outlaw Country channel not long after and got to hear some more there.  Two new songs in and I was hooked, I had to go find some more of this gold over on her website and VEVO channel.  My listens there were what inspired me to write my last post, “Stolen Words: Annie’s Song”, a tribute to a lady who passed away last month and I know is missed by many now that she is gone.

Full Circle has both new songs and new takes on previously written ones, including track 1, “Whispering Sea”, the very first song she ever wrote.  “Constructed as a summation of her life” says the review on AllMusic.com, feeling “intimate but never haunted” although it’s evident that through the lyrics Loretta is acknowledging being closer to the end of her life than its beginning.  “Who’s Gonna Miss Me?” and “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” being such examples.

Full Circle is Loretta’s first studio album since 2004.  It was recorded in the Cash Cabin Studio built by the Man in Black himself in Tennessee, and co-produced by his namesake, John Carter Cash along with Loretta’s daughter, Patsy Lynn Reynolds.  Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello join her on the last two songs in the 14-track compilation, a duet for each, “Lay Me Down” and “Everything It Takes” respectively.

There is nobody like her.  Loretta is real.  What you see is what you get.
John Carter Cash

And Loretta hasn’t just been been writing and recording since releasing her last album, Van Lear Rose with Jack White, which won Best Country Album at the Grammy’s in 2005.  At 83 years young, she still loves to play live for her adoring fans with a busy tour schedule, and also has her hand in the creation of a forthcoming Broadway musical aptly titled “The Coal Miner’s Daughter.”  Loretta also recently teamed up with PBS to do a documentary on her life – “Still A Mountain Girl”, which aired the same day as Full Circle’s release, Friday March 4th.

You don’t have to know country music to love Loretta Lynn.  Somehow the Lynn family makes you feel like there is a little country in all of us.
Michael Kantor, Executive Producer – American Masters, PBS

Above is the trailer for Full Circle from Loretta’s VEVO page on YouTube, and below you can take a listen to “Who’s Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone?”.  Just audio for now as she hasn’t yet put the song to video on VEVO.  So just close your eyes and hear the words and enjoy.  Perhaps you’ll do what I did, contemplate who will miss me when I’m gone.  Even better, maybe we can all think about an unrequited act of kindness we can do for someone else today that will give them reason to miss us when we’re gone.  As Loretta sings so gracefully in the song, ‘If I could do one good thing, then it won’t be all in vain.’


“I think everybody wants to be missed when they’re gone don’t they?”  –  Loretta

You got that right lady.  And while I certainly hope you ain’t be gone anytime soon, I will be one of many who will miss you when you will be at peace when they lay you down.


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


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