I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part II

In follow-up to my post from yesterday, I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part I, here is the core of the post I had started last summer and let sit in my Drafts folder for a long time.  Revisited it the other night and got more out of it now than I had even tried to express last year.  Guess the timing for it was just right.

Last summer I took the WP Blogging 101 course.  One of the other participants, Romica, had a blog post called “What Is Deep About Everybody Poops“.  Interesting title right?  Yeah, I thought so too.  Around the same time, I also read the article “Roundtable: The Scariest Post I Ever Published“, put out by our very own WordPress Daily Post, which I am an avid follower of.

The two articles really hit me home for me about how I so lust after having the perfect post.  How I want it to be “just right” before posting it for all of you to read.  Okay, let’s get a little more honest here now shall we:   a part of me wants to be perfect and I don’t want you to judge me or my posts for being anything less than perfect.  To thine own self be true, as a sagacious poet once wrote.

But guess what? Breaking news for you (or do I mean me?):  I’m not perfect.  And neither is this post.  It’s a little fecked up.  I probably have a dangling participle or two in it.  There might be only one space between sentences instead of two in some places.  I did come across a few typos when I proofread it.  Fixed most of them, but left one in here on purpose.  I ignored the grammar suggestion to prove to myself I could knowingly publish something that wasn’t perfect.  If nothing else, I did it to give myself a good laugh.  Maybe you’ll laugh too.  If you do, betcha its because you relate.

This post sat in my Drafts folder for a bit.  Why?  Because it could.  Because I was granted both a license and an insurance package when I signed up to be the author of a blog.  The license has a name – it’s called artistic license, aka creativity.  It means I can start to write, edit and rewrite, possibly trash, and eventually publish whatever I feel like writing.  Well, within boundaries of course.  Just like when the government of Ontario granted me a drivers license, I had to agree to use that privilege within the laws of the road.  And when WordPress granted me this blog site, they did so only after I agreed to abide by their Terms of Service.  Fair enough.

The insurance is in the form of there being a draft status for my posts and pages.  My writing adventures can sit in a Drafts folder for as little or as long as I want them to be parked there.  Just like my car insurance offers me some protection me while I am driving my vehicle, my Drafts folder protects me while I am writing.  It saves things for me, automatically no less, allowing me to brain dump all of the seemingly scattered words running through my head and get them out on paper so to speak.  It lets me take a bathroom break without risking losing my train of thought.  It also lets me call it quits on anything I’ve written by selecting the Trash option to a post/page and scrapping it altogether.  Even then, the Trash folder doesn’t delete the file permanently.  It questions my rationale for wanting to get rid of it in the first place and keeps it in a holding cell.  From there, I have to choose to either delete it permanently or restore it back to a draft.  Isn’t that brilliant?  My Trash folder knows I’m not perfect too.  Didn’t know ‘garbage’ could be so smart.

In the aforementioned Everybody Poops article, I came across a video by James Victore called “Stop Being A Perfectionist!”.  Feck Perfuction is a mantra of his.  Although the video is targeted to creative designers of the graphic type (which I know very little about), it still really spoke to me.  It talks about how perfectionism stifles creativity and stalls the process of ever getting anything done.  Lesson learned from this short clip:  it will never be done.  Application of said lesson for us writers with a blog:

Just.  Keep.  Writing.


Here’s a snippet of one of Victore’s Feck Perfuction maxims.  For more of his talks, visit his YouTube channel.  There’s some great shut in there that ain’t no bill.  [typos intended]


Let me know in the comments below if you’re perfuctly fecked up like I am.  And don’t just say so, tell me how so.  C’mon, it’s not that hard.  Just type away, don’t bother checking for typos, and hit send comment.  I dare ya.  Triple dog dare ya.  Let’s all be a little fecked up together.

For in response to today’s Daily Prompt, a misstep is still a step.  Perhaps my – or your – next misstep could be the one that takes us in the direction we’ve been looking for all our life.  Maybe it will find you one day again arriving along the side of the road.

Image source:  KlausHausmann user on Pixabay.com, CC0 Public Domain


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


18 thoughts on “I Am Perfuctly Fecked Up: Part II

  1. Hey Marianne, you just hadda let the dawgs out! Here’s a hasty note, done for you, ’cause you asked for it, girl, you asked for it:

    Short Feckin’ response off the top ’o me bald head:

    Bec ause I could (re drafts) —
    Licence, artistic – Oy yes! Let me have that!
    Insurance (draft and dump) – Amen to that.
    Re perfuction: terrified of being wrong, making a mistake, revealing myself for a fool Really, really wanting to entertain…
    Can’t break the habit of editing and correecting as I go (write). Feelin’ a draft here.
    Fecked up: Crave praise; it’s a weakness; it’s a driving desire to ‘help’ others, to share what passes as wisdom, and caring
    All fecked up about keeping up
    Too many emails, too many groups, too much joining up (see, there I go again, going back to correct the typo for fear of giving the wrong info/impression, or not being able to figure out what the H! I was trying to say when I go back to proof) –(there is no proof that you can’t come across as a genius!)
    It’s a river flow of mind farts
    A fine how-do-you-do
    Hello, goodbye, I’m late, no time to say you boo…
    Heyyyyyy…Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeee

    See what you made me done? Typos. TYPOS!!
    This draft is for my eyes only.
    Now, git outta here!

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  2. Hello, my name is ‘Em’ and I’m fecked up. And it’s odd, because I really enjoyed that video clip you so thoughtfully provided and agreed with the man on his points…BUT. (and I’m a graphic artist so I ‘got’ it thoroughly) However..I’m one of those people with a teensy (probably more than I’ll ever admit) case of OCD. Especially about spelling and grammar and all that crap that makes people yawn and do their best not to look bored while I’m flipping around yammering about it. And so the ‘perfection’ is my goal. Each time. Do I make my goal each time? Aw hell no. I feck up. And another goal of mine is to become comfortable fecking up and remember that EVERYBODY FECKS up. But now and then there is a prize. Like finding a GREAT BLOG that you enjoy so much because the author understands things like ‘fecking up.” I really do enjoy reading your stuff…I LOL and come away with a bit better understanding of this confusing world. Thanks!! 😀

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    • Your comment Em made my evening. Thanks tons for the oh-so kind words. It brings my heart joy to know you like the blog. Being comfortable with the at times uncomfortable can be a challenge, I know, but it is doable. And you’re right re: the prizes. Expect the unexpected and delight in its arrival. Thank you again, hope you have had a day of perhaps imperfect but nonetheless happy moments … Marianne


  3. Too funny! I am so far from perfection. I often proofread my posts 2-3 times and then still find mistakes after publishing. And it’s mainly a photo blog site. Go figure!

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    • Doesn’t that drive you nuts? Does me. And I’m generally a good proofreader, enough so others ask me to read their stuff. Aw well, if I have to have reminders I’m only human, a typo here or there is a gentle way of doing it so I’ll take it. Thanks for dropping in and commenting Irene. Hope you’re having a happy evening … Marianne


  4. I find embarrassing mistakes like misusing “there” “their” or “they’re” all the time! Or just plain bad writing that I missed when I first wrote the piece. Sorry I don’t have any immediate examples of that, but I’ve corrected any I found and blocked them from my mind! However, read my blog long enough and you’ll find them. Since I’m the only one proofreading my stuff, I have to accept that I’m not always going to catch my own errors the first time around. Hard for me to accept sometimes when I know better!!!!!

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    • Thanks for sharing that Belinda. I can relateto the there/their/they’re conundrum. I know the different words but sometimes my mind just goes blank in figuring out which one to use. Or simple spelling mind blips. I just had to go check the spelling of occasion, a word I use often. Silly but yeah, we have to accept ’em as they come. Even when we do know better! Happy you stopped in along the side of the road Belinda, hope to see you back again soon. Marianne

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