Stolen Words: It Takes A Village To Keep A Commons

Stolen Words are my compilations of lyrics used to make a new piece of prose of sorts.  The lyrics are “stolen” from the songs I hear while surfing my favourite channels on SiriusXM and  I hope you enjoy them – I have a blast writing them.

“It Takes A Village To Keep A Commons” was written in honour of the fantabulous folks in the Blogging 201 course.  The title was even “stolen” from a comment one of our facilitators made on a participant’s post.  It struck a chord with me when I saw it last week and I knew then it would be the title for this piece.

A *HUGE* shout-out goes to Daily Post Editor, Krista Stevens and Happiness Engineer, Chrissie Pollock who facilitated the course.  Thank you both for sharing your expertise, encouragement, and time.  The program was amazing and the support and know-how you shared with all of us is invaluable.  I’m sure you know just how many posts, comments, and blogs you both touched as I suspect they’re in the stats for the site somewhere.  However, I doubt either of you will truly realize how many minds, hearts, and souls you touched because that impact could never be measured.



Stolen Words:   It Takes A Village To Keep A Commons

Sometimes late when things are real, and people share the gift of gab between themselves   –   Tin Man, America
Speaking words of wisdom   –   Let It Be, Beatles
Nice to meet you, where you been?   –   Blank Space, Taylor Swift

All my life was a paper once plain, pure and white   –   You Decorated My Life, Kenny Rogers
So many pages yet to turn yeah   –   Perfect Moment, Darden Smith
I’m just trying to make some sense   –   Waiting On A Friend, Rolling Stones

Many’s the time I’ve been mistaken, and many times confused   –   American Tune, Paul Simon
Maybe I don’t know that much but I know this much is true   –   Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion
I’m over my head but it sure feels nice   –   Over My Head, Fleetwood Mac

And you may ask yourself how do I do this?   –   Once In A Lifetime, Talking Heads
If you can keep your head and carry on, you can share your strength with those in need   –   A Face Among The Crowd, Jackie Greene
Go forth and have no fear   –   Renegades, X Ambassadors

Oh and there we were all in one place, a generation lost in space   –   Bye Bye American Pie, Don McLean
But we put it together and we got thru   –   One Piece At A Time, Johnny Cash
We can learn, we can teach   –   New Beginning, Tracy Chapman

We were howling at the moon   –   Howling At Nothing, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats
Moon beams we can dream on at the setting of the sun   –   Everybody Needs Love, Drive By Truckers
And it gets bigger baby and heaven knows   –   River Deep Mountain High, Darlene Love

‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars   –   A Sky Full Of Stars, Coldplay
Unforgettable that’s what you are, unforgettable tho’ near or far   –   Unforgettable, Natalie and Nat King Cole
Straight masterpieces   –   Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

This is our fork in the road   –   I’ll Be Around, Spinners
The highway sets the traveler’s stage   –   I and Love And You, The Avett Brothers
Oh don’t you dare look back   –   Shut Up And Dance, Walk The Moon

People get ready there’s a train-a-coming   –   People Get Ready, Rod Steward with Jeff Beck
We’re gonna ride til there ain’t no more to go   –   Cracklin’ Rosie, Neil Diamond
And we can ride the boogie, share that beat of love   –   I Want To Rock With You, Michael Jackson

I’ve got two tickets to paradise   –   Two Tickets To Paradise, Eddie Money
Oh-oh will you walk with me out on the wire   –   Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
Don’t you realize the things we did were all for real not a dream   –   Telephone Line, ELO

Goodnight now it’s time to go home   –   Sultans Of Swing, Dire Straights
The words I have to say may well be simple but they’re true   –   Love Song, Elton John
I just want to thank you   –   Thank You, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats

I wish nothing but the best for you   –   Someone Like You, Adele
I hope you find what you’re looking for and fate is kind to you in your search for more   –   What You’re Looking For, Stacia Petrie
And may good fortune wait on every bend, and may your winning streak, may it never end   –   Winning Streak, Glen Hansard


Image source:

Geralt user on, CC0 Public Domain

Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


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