Stolen Words: Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues

Stolen Words are my compilations of lyrics used to make a new piece of prose of sorts.  The lyrics are “stolen” from the songs I hear while surfing my favourite channels on SiriusXM and  I hope you enjoy them – I have a blast writing them!

Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues was written in celebration of the outstanding music I heard while at the 15th Annual Kitchener Blues Festival this past weekend.

Stolen Words:   Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues

I said ‘Doctor, doctor, please do something for me’   –   Bad Case Of Love, B. B. King
You damn right I’ve got the blues, from my head down to my shoes   –   Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues, Buddy Guy
I can’t stand it, baby, just can’t help myself   –   Good Mornin’ Little Schoolgirl, Junior Wells
‘Cause mama I’m sure hard to handle   –   Hard To Handle, Black Crowes

I’m gonna inject your soul with some sweet rock’n’roll   –   Steamroller Blues, Elvis Presley
This music is my healing, this music sets me free   –   The Healing, Gary Clark Jr.
And it feels so nice to know I’m gonna be alright   –   This Feeling, Alabama Shakes
Mercy, mercy, mercy, please have mercy on me   –    Mercy Mercy Mercy, Cannonball Adderley

Revvin’ up my engine like a 747   –   My Own Way To Rock, Burton Cummings
Dress in style and go hog wild me oh my oh   –   Jambalaya, Hank Williams
With a ‘heave’ and a ‘ho’   –   Train Kept A Rollin’, Aerosmith
Come on baby, we’re going balling, we’re gonna have ourselves a good time   –   Tipitina, Professor Longhair

There’s a place I have found it’s as close to heaven as I have known   –   Welcome To Deltaville, Bobby Messano
Oh mmm, I know a place, ain’t noboby cryin’, ain’t nobody worried   –   I’ll Take You There, The Staple Singers
And people are friendly without no hidden plan   –   Going To Chicago, Count Basie

Always smiling, never sad, so fine   –   Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Led Zeppelin

Everyone that you meet baby as you walk down the street baby   –   Gone Gone Gone, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
The people passing by, they would stop and say   –   Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry
You’re out on the streets lookin’ good   –   Piece Of My Heart, Erma Franklin
There’s a lot of cool people here out on these streets   –   Old Friend, Clarence Bucaro

I decided to drop in there that night   –   Boogie Chillen, Van Morrison
They say it’s the place where all the bad cats meet   –   Chicken Shack Boogie, Amos Milburn
Bring a nickel, tap your feet   –   Down On The Corner, CCR
Slap me five, that’s the place, we’ve arrived, it’s alive   –   Stomp!, Brothers Johnson

I can’t dance but I wish I could   –   That Hypnotizing Boogie, David Wilcox
But I’ve got a lot of lovin’ and I want you to know   –   Built For Comfort, Howlin’ Wolf
Well we don’t care what mama don’t allow, gonna stomp my feet anyhow   –   Mama Don’t Allow No Music, Doc Watson
If you ain’t got a damper good gal turn your bread around   –   Muleskinner Blues, Stompin’ Tom Connors

Freedom is just another word for nothin’ left to lose   –   Me & Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin
You’re as free as a bird in flight   –   Cloud Nine, The Temptations
‘Cause she’s in a place where she don’t have a care   –   She Just Wants To Dance, Keb Mo
Life is great without a care   –   Royals, Bruce Springsteen

Bound by a wild desire I fell into a ring of fire   –   Ring Of Fire, Johnny Cash
I’ll prove to you baby that I ain’t no square   –   I’m Ready, Muddy Waters
Let yourself go honey, let yourself go   –   Let Yourself Go, Tom Petty
I’m sellin’ my po’ chops but I’m givin’ my gravy away   –   Selling My Pork Chops, Memphis Minnie

Put your hands on your hips and let your backbone slip   –   Let’s Shout (Baby Work Out), Colin James
Shake your moneymaker   –   Shake Your Moneymaker, James Elmore
Just shake your hips, do the hip shake babe   –   Hip Shake, Rolling Stones
Well she’s shakin’ that thing bam ba lam   –   Black Betty, Leadbelly

I don’t care if you’re young or old, get together let the good times roll   –   Let The Good Times Roll, Louis Jordan
And when you raise the roof with your rock’n’roll, you’ll get a lot more kicks with a little bit o’ soul   –   A Little Bit O’ Soul, Music Explosion
And if you wanna really roll you got to do the thing with soul   –   Shake, Sam Cooke
Work it out now, just a little bit of soul now   –   Do You Love Me, Blues Brothers

I’m gonna tell you the notch of facts   –   That’s All, Sister Rosetta Tharpe
You shoulda heard what I just seen   –   Who Do You Love, Bo Diddley
You really ought to visit if you’ve never been   –   Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat, The Andrews Sisters
I’m satisfied it’s gonna bring you back   –   I’m Satisfied, Mississippi John Hurt


Featured image source:  South O Creative shop on etsy, the official shop of brothers Tory Burke & Ian Simmons


Listen to music. It could save your soul. Be kind. It could save someone’s world. Wear a hat. It could save your life.


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